Ps4 glitch land claim


I’m in my house in a PVE server and I cant put anything in it anymore. Tells me “This Land Is Already Claimed” This a glitch or do I gotta find somewhere else to make a base? Have got alot here already

There’s likely a larger base somewhere close to you.

This issue has been happening since the game first released on console.

There’s one base by me, up on the hills but I cant do anything anywhere around my base

Cant destroy there base…

If it’s inside your base or beside your base on the opposite side of some other base, and you still can’t plave anything because of that message, try logging out and back in again.

I’ve had that on PS4 before. Even inside my own base. Logging out and in fixed it.

I’ve also had it fixed the next day after the official seever restarts at 4 AM. Although that could be more me logging back in the next day than the server restart :smiley:

I have a similar problem only on the official server someone somehow built a building on my earth with the words Send Nudes thus blocked me the possibility of building myself in my own base … where to report and seek help?

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