PS4 glitched found so far

PS4 glitches. Dodging glitch- when using the roll dodge it sometimes rubber bands back to the spot you started at. Disappearing chests- hid 2 chests underwater, next day they disappeared, checked event log to make sure and no one destroyed them. NPC combat- during combat with NPC’s sometimes the knock back doesn’t take affect. Climbing glitch- When going down cliffs or mountains sometimes it refuses to grab the wall to slow down, also has problems when sliding down it doesn’t slow you down. Disappearing bodies- After a death, your body will sometimes go into the ground making it impossible to see it, only way of getting gear back is to spam square, also your body will be invisible to you but not another player sometimes. Poison glitch-When getting attacked with poison the effect will stack on you without getting hit multiple times.

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Also when fighting other players and npc’s you tend to rubberband very badly, when trying to get away it keeps you trapped in the same spot. Also a harvesting glitch when you have the lvl 2 survival ability other resources dissapear after only one harvest when there should be two

A glitch that i have is if i run forwards i cant run itll slow me down to a jog same without running itll slow me down to a walk its quite annoying