[PS4] Heavy Role Play - Deadmeet Looking for more players

Name of Server: Deadmeet

PVP enabled although. All in game character fighting must be agreed to and RP’d out.

Age Restrictions: (18+, all ages, etc)
Suggested 16+

Location of Server: (NA, EU, etc.)

Max capacity of server:

Website - Yes (search deadmeet on Obsidian Portal or send me private message for detail)
Discord - Yes

Is the server pass worded or open?

Password Protected

Server Settings

XP rate:
All players start at level 60 and progression is handled through a Profession / Specialization System. The system helps for diversity of skill sets while encouraging player interaction and allows for better focus on Roleplaying over game play.

Gathering Rate:
No Change
Day/Night Ratio:
Daytime Speed Scale: .5
Dawn/Dusk Speed Scale .5
Nighttime Speed Scale .8
Day Cycle Speed Scale .5
Resource Respawn rate .1

Hunger/Thirst settings:

In general thirst and hunger have been reduced slightly. When Idle its been reduced dramatically. This allows for players to focus on Role play when interacting when other characters in game without having to break immersion as often. ]

Thirst and Hunger while Idle .2
Thirst and Hunger while active .7
Thirst and Hunger while Idle .2
Thirst and Hunger while active .7

Drop Equipment on Death:

God Avatars Enabled:

Containers Ignore Ownership:
Enabled (Need to lock your chests manually etc)

The Purge Activated:
Not currently activated. Potential for it to be later if player base wants it.

Peak Play Times: (This is understood to be approximate and subject to fluctuation)
After 5:00 PM Eastern Standard

Does the Server use Mods?

If yes, Mods List:

Is there an application to join the server?

If yes, link to application:

Character Sheet submissions approval, Joining Discord and an informal general discussion with a DM. The discussion allows for the player interested in joining the chance to ask questions and the DM the chance to make sure the new person understands and likes the environment of the server.

Server Lore: (Heavy RE Howard Lore, Other Established Conan Lore (movies, comics, RPGs, other authors who have written Conan stories), Other Custom Lore (please describe in detail)

Heavily focused on Conan Lore, resources include Conan DnD manuals, Books and literature.

Server Ruleset: (Here is where you will discuss things like rules applied to PvP, building limitations, perma-death, etc.)

We’ve created rule sets that overlay the in-game mechanics to help facilitate and grow heavy role playing characteristics. The rule sets have been developed in a simple way that is easy to understand. Our Obsidian Portal Campaign can be accessed by searching the following on Obsidian portal. (This forum does not allow for links or else I would post it):


In general, we have created a profession and specialization system, building requirements and other tools that allow for good character progression and facilitates cooperation between Characters. Progression is handled through earning and expending of Role Playing points which are earned through various positive role playing actions. Things such as Roleplay interaction between two or more characters and character journals award points etc. Role Play point awards are then used as an currency that allow “purchase” of things such as increased character profession levels, buying more land to build on or having a specialized DM event for your character and friends.

Deadmeet is a player neutral city that is central hub where characters and DM controlled NPCs can meet up as a starting point for character interaction. From there the story of your character is up to you and the other players you meet in the world!

If this sounds interesting to you. We’d love to discuss more in person. Look forward to talking.