PS4 Hotfix (15.06.2020) - Fix for connectivity issues

Greetings Exiles!

Today we’re releasing a hotfix updating some licensing files to be compliant with the platform requirements. No other changes are in, but we’re currently working on our future update, which is currently being developed and tested in our Testlive branch on PC.

We apologize for the frustration caused by the delayed release of this hotfix. Please read our full statement here.

PLEASE NOTE: Once this hotfix is out, EU/US versions of the game won’t be able to connect to official servers in Japan, and viceversa. This is due to different version numbers. We’re working on an additional hotfix that will be aimed at fixing this situation and bringing all versions to the same revision number.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and stay safe!



  • Updated licensing and revision number.


Yes because logging into a raided base is fun and all ( just logged in and my base is gone)

Is there going to be some sort of roll back for this or no ? I just made an account to leave this message to unacceptable


You should release the patch for all regions at the same time. It’s unavailable at least for me in Argentina

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After Reading the full statement, I´m pleased.
Thanks for bringing something back to the player-base.
Good work fixing it, and ensuring it wont happen again.

Kind Regards

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License and revision number. I think I told it was a certificate/license problem 3 days ago :smiley:
Anyway, thanks for bringing Conan back!!!

Can you only explain why you said it was Sony fault?


I dont see update in chile, South america.


It seems EU region has it first… well, that’s the only unfair thing about this whole thing… Because my body is sleeping next to the unnamed city obelisk… Go rob me, people from europe!

Yo también soy argentino y todavía no hay nada crack, una pena, seguramente ya esta en USA y lo van a lanzar acá unas horas despues

Sería un problema para nosotros en Sudamérica que estén on line en otras regiones y nosotros no, si es que jugas pvp

Juego PVP, estaba mudando cosas asi que afortunado el que se encuentre con mi cuerpo inconsciente… una pena que no este el patch para todos al mismo tiempo. Saludos!

I play PVP, I was moving things between bases so lucky the one that meets my unconscious body … a pity that the patch is not for everyone at the same time. Cheers!

Can we get double crafting speed i stead lol

Honestly your bodys probably robbed already , bases got raided no roll backs insite but x5 harvesting seems to be going on ,

I’m robbed for sure…, but I still don’t understand who and how was someone able to connect and raid you

If someone stayed on through the whole ordeal. friends were able to join their games i believe

Makes sense. They should’ve shut down the servers…

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All of my food is rotten, and the two Witch Doctor recipe monsters I was making a few hours before the servers went down are gone, too.

I don’t need to tell you how an entire stockpile of food (too early a level to make a fridge on this character) and the skelton types that require a Fragment of Power each going missing, is really, really, really annoying and sucks.

Any chance of a rollback?

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So is there a timeline or estimation as to when the hotfix will patch the Americas?


It’s usually 3 hours after europe

In canada (Quebec) still not working!