PS4 Hotfix (22.06.2018) - DLC and Exploit Fixes

Yes I fully understand your huge frustration with all this, because I have unfortunately experienced everything you’ve experienced … word for word.
When it comes to recovering loot bags, wherever they are, it’s simple … and difficult at the same time: When you wait too long, the bags eventually disappear … and if you find yourself at the other end of the map then …
All you have left are your eyes to cry.

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Sad thing is I want to still play the game but without knowing it will save what is the point.

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I too would persevere and persuade myself that everything will be better at the next connection … But personally, like me, I would advise you to wait. Because to start again, each time, for nothing …

And knowing that the big patch patch is in court, they may still lose a lot of players on the road …

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Thank you for your “retrospective” patches made so far, but the big problem, you see, it would rather quality … patches.

so I guess we still fighting invisible enemy’s that cant DIE bluescreens missing/disappearing items from hot bar and inventory thrall still cant be followed fishing traps that keep disappearing more lag then ever no patch today?

Take a look at that thread, we’re supposed to get some updates in a patch, for the consoles, at roughly the end of this week if certification comes through. Also, by reading the notes on the TestLive patch, they don’t sound bad at all and contain actual fixes for the game.

So hopefully at some later date, we’ll get that too since it’ll reach consoles as well, after the testing phase. It’s just a matter of time and patience now, not much else we can do. Maybe just put the game aside (in extreme cases where stuff disappears or bases crumble to the ground) and come back a bit later and see what’s changed.

omg thanks finally for respect and a response love it all we need is a post like this :heart_eyes:

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Hey, well, if that’s their policy:
“It’s good our game huh? But do not touch it because it’s not good yet”

Well, it could be that as well. That’s the reason I play the game in offline mode, single player, because the lag and the online bugs are something I don’t want to deal it with right now. So far, I have never had base disappearing from under me, or chests gone; I disabled purge and decay since I play alone, those are a bit too buggy and to be honest the decay system sounds like a second job right now. I might not be able to log for some time and I don’t need to have my base gone after spending so long a time building it.

I do encounter bugs and glitches, and also lag but it’s not the kind of the unbearable lag that I see while playing online. I just want them to fix stuff in this game just as much as the next guy, but right now it’s a case of WYSIWYG for us.

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Funcom. In your latest patch description you forgot to add " Makes game completely unplayable" . “Ruins progress” . And " May endanger your PS4 by making you want to throw it across the room". Just a heads up


Funcom i am not a game engineer but here is a concept. ADD A SAVE FEATURE. At LEAST until you debug your vaporware. Losing all progress and restarting a new character to have it only happen again and again blows. OR. remarket Exiles as a “Premium swearword generator”

I too had a build day yesterday invisible placed item that couldn’t destroy. What I could do was partially gone today. Joy.

So no word on current building issues I have invisible holes that occurred yesterday heard others having same problems since patch release. Ps4 by the way.

I started playing this on my PS4 about 2 weeks ago, and honestly, it has to be one of my most disappointing purchases in that such a good fun game is riddled with problems, problems that should be non-existent post beta.

The bugs before this last patch I could live with. The game was buggy but it didn’t ruin my fun, which is a games purpose. But now, I quit every session due to be frustration and after tonight, I likely will be putting this game down until I hear it is all ironed out, as the game in its current state is unacceptable.

both, 1080p and 4k

the decay system is a pain in the ■■■ i have 3 bases working on 4th alot of work running to each base daily just to make sure it refreshed because if you do not render it the base will decay learned that the hard way built small base just to farm steel bars and didnt visit it for 2 days and it was gone

Yes, right now, bugged or not, the decay system is too much of a second life I’d need to spend in this game, and I don’t have the time to do that. I don’t know how the developers thought this would be a cool idea, since server population is in decline anyway, and even if not, the clans aren’t that large given server size as well, so you’d think if not you, maybe someone else in clan will show up and refresh the bases.

On the other hand, there aren’t probably many other options for people abandoning their bases while taking up prime spots or cluttering the landscape. So in a way the decay system is good for freeing up spots that aren’t used any longer but also give enough of a headache to players who actively play the game and have more than one base. Because you can still be an active player and it could happen you’re not able to log in for a week, then POOF! There goes your work.

I don’t know if the system could be reworked or improved, but the decay system is pretty bugged at the moment so you could lose your base way before that week passes.

i think the decay system works with base size as well it seems smaller bases will decay in a couple of days where as large bases are ok after 2 days

So the larger the base, the longer the decay timer. Maybe I should check that in my single player game. I have a base I don’t use anymore and I am too lazy to bring down, and see what happens.

hey guys im om us pvp servers since I been playing had like 5 or 7 purge is the any named thralls drop at all for anyone cause it seems to be broken or bugged I asked around my discord and no one seen 1 that over 60 servers that I asked around any luck anyone