Ps4 is really loud


My console is doing the exact same thing. Fan is running like crazy around my base but move away and it goes quiet again. I only have a small base and I’m on single player so can’t test it around other player bases.

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You are right. Bad programming. That is what it all boils down to. My ps4 was running fine even after the anniversary update, which was a disaster in its own merit, it was the hotfix that brought about this problem.


I can say that it is just around my base. I went to other bases either smaller or larger than mine and it was fine. I would think it would be same for you too.


It happens with all games not only conan but I can say for a fact that my PS4 made a lot of noise when I was around Asgarath or serpermeru… :joy:


Oh lol. My case is different. It just happens on conan. I can not say how it does at sepermeru or asgardth because i have not being there due to the annoying sound. Im pretty sure it would be the same. I hope they fix it soon because i have quit the game for now.


My original PS4 bought when they first came out used to do this. Looked into the issue and found out the fan was full of dust, I don’t have a dirty house but anyways I cleaned it and I’ve never heard it since.

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If the ps4 would be constantly loud, then you could think that it is due to pollution and thus permanently overheated.
But if that really only happens in your base or nearby, then it is up to the programming.

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It only happens in at my base. As i said in earlier posts, every other game runs smoothly with no noise except this which is why i am sure is bad programming. Also, it never happened until this last hotfix.


Mine was not always loud, only after hours of gameplay, or in areas where it required a large amount of resources from the PS4, but it could definitely be from a game as well. But since I’ve kept mine clean it hasn’t been heard since in any game or any amount of run time.

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I have the same problem.

It is clearly not from overheating or pollution. Turn on Ps4, load Conan first. Standing in my base (not a big one), not a single move i take and the fans keep spinning faster. And yes, sound is like a jet engine.

When i hit the inventory/feats menu tab, the fans getting slower. Quit the tab, faster/louder again. I only can “change” the fans spinning this way. :S

Im not a daily player, but I had same issues at the past once. Playing single player, with various size(small/medium) and count of buildings, number of thralls, on two main and a “control” account. Have fan issues with only one another game.

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I have this problem also on my xbox one x. A dead silent machine. Never heard it before.
But since the last update (anniversary fix) that is different.

I hear the system working, together with the terrible lags near player build structure it seems it have brought in a performance issue that tortures our consoles. Not only PS4 as it looks like, but also Xbox One X.


My wife and I have 2 1tb ps4 within 5 feet of each other. We some times play with the sound off when working on our bases. Never heard the fans windup loud rarely cycles. A/C low 70,s units next to other equipment. We play on a private server.


I did some tests during the weekend with my fan.
Actually mine is very quiet in almost every game. The Witcher 3, Red Dead 2…no problems so far.

Also in Conan my fan is absolutely quiet, but there are some exceptions:
A sandstone/brick built base doesn’t make my fan significant louder.
But a base built with isolated wood…oh yes…even my fan raises to a starting jet level!

I didn’t test black ice or some dlc building blocks. Sorry for that!

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That’s interesting, I have an insulated wood building on my base and I noticed it was worst when I am at that side of my base.


The unfortunate thing is that this issue could be caused by a multitude of things from ambient temperature in the room to dust accumulating on the fan / CPU to an overload of information being processed from a game. I’ve owned numerous PS3 and PS4 systems and have found that as they get older the fan gets loader. I have experienced spikes in the speed of my fan (noise) playing CE I have also experienced it playing Resident Evil 2 and other games. I find that the longer I have my system on the more often it happens. If you have a consistent noise you probably have a hardware issue. It’s good to take breaks and let the system cool. It’s also prudent to clean your machine with a can of compressed air from time to time. Aside from that I’m not sure what coding CE could do to decrease the amount of info your system is processing.


Ah, sorry, it’s called insulated wood in Conan, thx! :upside_down_face:

I’ve started to build a new base with the aquilonian marble. It’s not finished, but until now, I have no problems with my fan.


My PS4 Pro is still pretty silent while playing Conan but I do have the latest Revision (CUH -7216) which is in general more silent compared to the earlier revisions.

It could also be possible that the hardware (of the PS4 Pro) is used more efficient with the latest patch and therefore the CPU/GPU load can be higher, which results in more heat and a louder fan.
Have you guys noticed that the game runs better/smoother (higher/more stable fps) with the latest patch?


I stated it already in early posts. Conan exiles is the only game and i have played over 10 games since then that it happens to. It was also fine before this hotfix. The hotfix began to cause the problem. I have always kept my ps4 clean and dust free so i know dust is not the problem. In my case, it is not two or more games, it is just conan only. I hope i do not come as too forceful but i have seen people repeatedly state that it is hardware problem but i am sure it is not.


I have the same problem but I did find a “mini fix”…at least it works for me, not wanting to get hopes up. I have noticed that in my base my PS4 (standard) fan goes haywire if in one enclosed room I have too many light sources. Lanterns, lamps and braziers, specifically. (torches or candles don’t seem to make a difference) I have experienced this twice, in two different places in my base when adding too many light sources. I seem to have to limit myself to six light sources by room. The PS4 stays quiet then.
If this wasn’t an issue before the hotfix though, that blows…I don’t like having to limit my decorating because of this.


I have this same issue, not just on Conan Exiles, but a few other games, and it’s always situational as to when it occurs, I’ll list the games I remember it happening with and what causes it to happen in said games, to me it looks like the same issue across all of these games;

  • Conan Exiles: Whenever I enter my base, which is a significantly large, fortress-like structure, made from the Frontier pieces, with several placeables scattered throughout.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Any time I enter a Trial (boss) or raid that either has a lot going on in the background and/or is extremely mechanic heavy (i.e. Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 4 (Savage)'s second phase).
  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet: Being anywhere apart from the city, particularly dungeons.
  • Monster Hunter: World: While out on hunts, more noticeable in Rotten Vale and Wildspire Waste than other areas.
  • Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 5: Whenever a large amount of enemies are rendered or when multiple buildings are destroyed at once, fan noise drops when enemy numbers drop or rubble clears.

From just those examples given, I can say it is quite likely the loud fan is due to the system working harder, as no two games there, apart from the two Earth Defense Force titles, are from the same developer.

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