(PS4) Join The Sacred Vale! Active + custom content

Very active server. We have many players as well as 6 active clans looking for members. We host events too. If you are looking for a place to build a home and interact with other players, join events and go on adventures, then The Sacred Vale welcomes you!

Come to “The Sacred Vale”

5x harvest

3x exp

50+ slots

3x health

3x stamina

1/4x stamina cost, hunger and thirst

Crazier enemies/ monsters

Fast thralls and crafting (not instant, but literally close)

FREE DLC Great starter kit (housing (200/wkly),armor, weapons, thrall, zoo, tavern, school for journey step, market, active community center @G3)

Admin shop

FREE Weekly & monthly supply drops

Weekly Events

Arena & Maze

Drop on death only turned on during raid times

Raid times from 1600-2200 (4pm-10pm) eastern weekdays 1200-2359 (12pm-11:59pm) eastern weekends

Optional 24/7 raidable house/ bases (RED light // 15 total)

Extremely active admins :grin:

Discord at least 1 clan member please.