PS4 June Update - Discussion Megathread

Hey please . Could someone show all the rewards related to the witch hunter? and where from which sellers

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On our co-op onsen test build, he set up shop in the bath. :roll_eyes:

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Why are there no sorcerers at Heretic’s Haunt on Siptah? You’d think with a Khitan slavers cart there would be at least one or two, but no. What gives??? Is this just some kind of trolling by the developers?

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The performance return to stable, thanks!

@LostBrythunian speciality is his stealth mode. He can enter and exit your base without even notice. It’s good to have him as ally :laughing:.


This one is honestly mediocre as far as tactical stealth infiltration goes…

But then again, one eyed men in the land of the blind…


No follower damage! Woot! That’s the best patch update news in a while. Thanks!

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