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Region: Klaels Stronghold

I’m currently playing on a PvE-C and found Klaels Stronghold only to find a clan called Roman Empire has found a way to build and block the entrance to it. I asked a member to remove it and was attacked. Please fix this issue. The server is Official Server 3515 PvE Conflict g portal us

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Unfortunately I don’t believe that there’s much they can do for you . Perhaps join up with others on server persuade them with out becoming griefers your selves. Good luck

there is no need to go in, its not dungeon yet

but its nice spot to build cus you should be protected from trebuchet, and maybe some gods

its just 1 room, so maybe when u asked clan to let u get in their base … u know

similar place is at north at dam, the building on right side /at least that one have entrance/

This location has change in the PC game. The map has been slightly changed and will cause them issues with their build. I am not sure if this has been pushed to the PS4 yet. My guess is that it is the location of a future dungeon. What this means is that it will become a no build zone causing their base to vanish. I have had this happen in the past when changes have been made to the no build zones.

We have noticed some new torches and it got bigger on the PS4 in the “key hole”. So it may be a matter of time before stuff starts dewpawning.

there are also some sand dunes outside the entrance that were not there before.

Looking in from the outside.

Inside the opening. The door is sealed for now.

Few week ago i made a pretty palace in that klaels stronghold. They did not said that this Will be a dungen in future. I now think my building Will vanished. Why not sayin that it Will be update how the fk should i know about it. Now i have lost time and materiaal making this palace. So now my other jungle base can be destroy too because its in a ruin? Wtf if funcom wants updates in area’s make it non building first So we fking know. Im sorry for my frustrastion but i cant make New topic now idfn Why. And now also thing are covered in sands now. Sands everywhere

DSC_0007DSC_0009 DSC_0010

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nice build. It does suck, but i have always cautiously built inside these keyhole buildings knowing that they may end up being tied to some more in game stuff down the road and would have to move.

Think of it as government seizure for expansion of public transportation :slight_smile: Sucks, but it is needed.

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So there are more keyhold buildings? My base is in an ancient ruin in jungle without keyhold So probably it wont vanish? But fk i Slaughter the skeleton King and made me Queen but now its only temporary :sob:

I would venture the more it is “open” the less likely it will become a dungeon entrance. There is one by the great damn. Right now its a great build spot, but i could see it becoming a dungeon one day.

Rule of thumb for me is the Indiana Jones question. If the spot is dark inside, and only one way in, would Indiana Jones expect to find some great treasure inside the spot. If so, it might become a dungeon entrance.

dont worry,
just start find another place
if they add dungeons it maybe go trought test live /not sure about it, iam not here so long to experience it/
so u will have 2-3 weeks to move

and dont be sad, at least it isnt all from t3 blocks xD

u have at lesat month before they add some bigger update, and there isnt garuante they add dungeon right here now, they work on 4 dungeons as i heard

there is plenty of nice spots to build. take it as oportunity

There are going to be 4 more dungeons that have not been announced as to where. Best advice I have is to build near and not in the ruins until those have been finalized.

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But i only had it for 2 week now. I have already a big base this was just for fun. This is tier 2 building it cost alot of bricks. What is someone made a big base there and funcom just going to vanish it. I think they should plannen it from te start for not making that you can build there. I just dont like wasting my time :angry:

tier 3 is more costly

to the point,
i know it annoys you, but still, at late game u find better spots, also is question if is this place next to get dungeon. they dont release all dungeons at once. i want to help u, but i cant

I want to know what you wil do if your base get destroyed? You still think happy like bob the builder?

You got raided by Funcom :smile:


idk, iam obbsesed with perfect base, so i would still build somewhere else… and else… and else…

take it in good way, if u didnt know about it, and once u come at your base and it be away, it be worse. it isnt ideal for u, but at least u know about it…

Hahaha i know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah i must be Lucky it was just a house for fun and not my base. I just like building in things that are broken ruins. But still fk u funcom :imp:

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