Ps4 level increase

With all the new expansions ps4 needs a level increase or the ability for editing of server settings to allow for increased levels

There is no need for more levels. The game would become severely unbalanced if you got more attribute points.


So play official if i run a server i should have the choice

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Would you increase just the level amount or do you plan to fit in some abilities too? Since I care little about the leveling structure, I would like to be able to edit it closer to my liking. For example, I’d have all players coming to my server to not only design their characters’ shades, shapes and sizes, but also point (pun intended) their pros and cons, i.e. strategies, of their behaviour models right then and there. The abilities would also receive an overhaul to make room for a wider range of roleplay; maybe do couple slot sets to make it possible for players to change their styles of approach.

No need for more levels, there are so many bugs and bad , easy to exploitable game design to fix, they seriously should focus all energy now to fix problems, there are enough expansions now
and to get to lvl 60 is a real and huge challenge , most players reached lvl 60 with exploits you can easy see this in their trophy list , so so so many ppl with less than 10% but lvl 60…
Thats why a general wipe every few month should be done , to delete all expoited wares , and exploit leveled chars, well but thats another topic…

Again if thats your view play official but if i PAY to run a server i want it the way i want it… again for those who can not read… GIVE US THE OPTION TO INCREASE… if you dont want added levels fine thats nice play normal and stay off servers you dont like

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Well once you get to 35 you just makes explosives lvl you to 60 real fast. Myself I dont build nothing till I reach lvl 60 I have a 1 foundation with chests on it when I make something I pull out what I need this includes the furnaces and carpenters bench are all in my chest till u need them use them then return them my base till lvl 60 1 foundation 5 chests. My journey steps once I reach 60 still has plant seeds lol

that is an option they should consider for admin, and server onwers on consoles. PC I am sure has a mod. About the only drawback is if they felt it could be exploited or “hacked” on officials to max stats. For those that feel they don’t need it, he is asking for it as an admin. We are already constrained by a lot of things while paying fore servers for others to play on freely, that something as simple as max level caps should be an option we can have.

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