PS4 Loading And Picking Servers, Issues

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Got the Hard copy, for PS4. downloaded and started it up.Then hit play online, but after clicking PvP servers, they take forever to load (when they did) also all but 3 US servers were showing full. Was trying to play with my friend, but server showed full, however my friend logged off and said it only showing 24 out of 40 people on. my internet is fine, and i know the games are different, but i ran ARK with no issues. Don’t think that getting the hard copy over the digital, would make any difference. main issues are, servers slow to load or won’t load, and servers showing full when not. My internet is not giving me any issues, and runs other games just fine.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. try to load server using, Type: PvP, Where: America, Name: 3590: friend server, but it’s same issue with all of them
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