PS4 Log in. All items are missing

I bought the game 3 days ago on PS4. Loved it until I logged in today and my house, chests, and several stations went missing. Contacted PS4 for a refund for and unplayable game. $60 is not a cheap game. No luck.
No one wants to spend time farming just to lose it to a glitch.


Same thing has happened to me work stations with thralls chests all gone and i discovered it about 10 hrs ago. In case it is relevant I am playing single player. Can we get an explanation please

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It just gets worse spent the morning rebuilding all the work stations logged off for a short while and now the whole building has gone with everything that I have rebuilt gone with it why???

Worked my ■■■ off the last 2 days relocating all my good possessions and building a new base … Only to log in this morning and find all my chests and stuff in the completely vanished … Tons of hardened steel, legendary weapons … Archpriest tokens… Pretty much everything just

Can I at least get an explanation to try and avoid this happening again ??? You can’t seriously expect people to be cool with losing 100’s of hours worth of grind time and not even make an announcement or an attempt to make it right …

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