[PS4] Looking for a PVP and PvE fusion? Look no further!

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TL;DR Server Configuration:

  • PvE-C

  • Experience Boost x3

  • Harvest x4

  • Resource Respawn x3

  • Player XP Multiplier x5

  • Thrall Conversion 0.5 (decreased time to convert a thrall)

  • Server Created June 4th, 2018; US Eastern Server but all are welcome to join.

  • Active Admins to prevent griefing (foundation spamming, blocking of resources, etc.)

Hello there my fellow exiles! My boyfriend and I created this server because we couldn’t quite find anything that fit what we were looking for in a combination server. We wanted to create a place that could balance out both sides of the player communities while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Buildings are indestructible, players keep everything in their backpack when they die (may change in the future based upon community input), PvP is enabled 24/7 and player bodies disappear after logging out. We have every intention on maintaining the server for a very long time. While the server itself doesn’t have a particularly creative name right now, we’re open to suggestions and hope to have community events in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or message me.

How to Find the Server: search under PvP for: [NEW!] PvE-C Havest/EXP BOOSTED - Indestructible Buildings - Active Admins!

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