PS4 - Manifest Destiny Server - 60 slot - 24/7 PvP - Timed Building Damage - Slightly Boosted

Come join us at Manifest Destiny, a 60 slot PvP server. 24/7 PvP, still somewhat young, a couple of clans with 3-4 people, and only one 8 man which are all still gearing. Nice community, no griefers and there is a 24 hour safe period for new players to catch up before losing pvp immunity the following day. As of now, resources are more than abundant everywhere and no single clan hoards any biodomes.

Boosts :

5x Exp
60 tick
Drastically reduced hunger/thirst requirement
24 hour new player protection period
3x resources from harvesting
4x resource respawn
And several more

Building raid times are:

M-F 5pm EST to 2pm EST Sat-Sun 12pm EST till 3am EST.

We would enjoy people who bring friends as more established clans means more fun! Competition is always fun, and we even find truces between clans every so often to do dungeons and resource runs (I.E. temple of frost)

If you or your group of friends (clan size up to 8) want to come shake things up a bit, message me for server details! Several clans have openings, and some of us will be happy to help you with gear to speed up your leveling and help you with building your own base.

If the server says your ping is too high when the server loads, wait 3-4 minutes until your ping stabilizes. When the population goes from ?/60 to 17/60(for example) you are now able to enter. Ping is set at max 120 to maximize game experience.*

Feel free to message me at ArcheAngel901 on PS4

Come enjoy your weekend with us! Over 35 active players on last night. Great leveling server to jump straight un to the game and reach a competitive level in no time!

Hey I’d like to join up - sending message on psn from Metalilica

Peaked around 41/60 last night.

10x exp boosted now! 5x harvest!

Great place to level quick and gear up your clan base!

Bump! Bring your friends! Need us some 8 man clan action!

Incredible turn outs, still looking for that dedicated clan(s) to bring in some competition. Server caps 50+ at prime time.

Most regions allowed, so long as their ping meets the requirement.

Great server for new players or groups of friends to test the waters and flex their power, competition welcome! With 10x exp boost and tons of harvest and crafting multipliers, you’ll be 60 in know time with a great base and ready to set your end game goals in motion!

See ya there!

im looking for a full time active server. yours sounds great. is it locked or open to join?