PS4 Need help desperately. Getting kicked when we are down!

Hello everyone! My myself and a irl friend have been playing a server for quite a while now and we spent some time in the role of alpha. That all ended when the other clans began recruiting and spread lies about us to new players… :expressionless: If you’re looking for a challenge and you have experience, we would love to have you! The two of us are lvl 60 and we have a great base location, but we are repairing it currently. Casual players are welcome also. We are friendly and trustworthy guys that enjoy playing politics and strategic raids. Looking forward to some response! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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psn: Hue-Jass-

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lmao , great psn name

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Thanks haha

If you don’t make it. Come to our server. It’s an official pvp server. We just finished a two month war so we are taking a break from fighting or else I would come help. If interested message me on psn. Bane9907