[PS4] New server - Big Boys PVP

Hey y’all welcome to the start of Big Boys PvP.

Pretty much gonna try and keep it as simple as can be in terms of rules and regulations.
1) No spawn killing at obelisks. We all know this is a PvP server but at least wait until someone is spawned in and moving around before you slice someone up.
2) Don’t attack players below level 30 unless they are being aggressive and starting with you. Let’s try and give everyone a 1-2 day grace period before raiding.
3) I don’t really care if people get offended by anything because this is an adult PvP server. If someone’s name or clan offends you, go blow them up.
4) Please give yourself a clan name even if you’re a solo, it makes old base clean up much easier.
5) Limit 1 base per 2 clan members. Fishing/thrall outposts do not count towards your base total. Forward operating bases are allowed as long as they’re used and dismantled within 24 hours.
6) Please clear newb river bases when you move outwards into the world, leave those spaces open for new players joining the server.
7) Do not build in places that block resources and/or despawn bosses.

Really that’s it for now, we want this to be more of a hardcore PvP server than some soft RP / trader guild server.

BASIC SETTINGS : 35 slots to start with. 7 member clans (will raise by 1 for every 5 server slots added up to 10)
Password - none currently
PvP - 24/7
Raid times - 5pm - 12 am EST 7 days a week. (Could adjust this for weekend raid times eventually, maybe 5-2am. Well see what everyone else thinks).
Avatars - Yes, 60 second life time.
RATES : 3x harvesting 3x XP gain Basically gonna leave it at that for now, will probably look to have vanilla settings for most other stats besides for thrall and animal training time.

Join us on Discord msg me for link if you have a problem message DDmD or any of my mods. Just wanna give everyone a general idea of what to expect. Looking forward to having some good PvP with everyone in here. Good-luck everyone!