[PS4 / Oceanic] Axiom's Playhouse - PVE - No Purge

If you are looking for a chill PVE server then Axiom’s Playhouse is the place for you. Got a pretty close knit community on the server, nine of us total and all really helpful. Just ask that you don’t cause any trouble and that you restrain yourself to one main base, thrall camps are OK.


-Offline Hunger/Thirst depletion disabled

-Fuel Consumption Interval - x2 (Fuel last a little longer)

-Thrall Crafting Speed - x2 (Just a small bump)

-Harvesting - x2

-NO PURGE - We’re just looking to have fun, explore, and build.

Feel free to message me on PSN(Axiom666). I live in Japan, so be patient if I don’t immediately answer. I may be at work, but I will get back to you.