PS4: Odin - 10x harvest/loot - Discord - Shops - RP

We from the Odin PS4 PVE-C server are looking for newcomers.
Looking for a fresh fun server with nice people and kind admins? Then join us.
We have a Discord server, you can open your own shop, have events and more. Everyone is welcome

Cu at the Odin server

Please don’t waste your time on this Sever! Many of you die hard gamers know who I am and I give you my word this is terrible server . First it overbuilt cause lag spike everywere. Second the owner is awful very toxic, they ban people daily for smallest thing such as attacking another player in a conflict realm or been new and taking to much from welcome area . This server so bad it welcome center has to be rebuilt constantly due to players logging in jus to blow up the owners terrible builds . And the over building . They should change the name to minecraft n play on pve server . I’m must leave and go play on real server with true gamers and no power tripping admins see u in my next video and hit that subscribe

I’ve been on this server since day 1. I am a legend not to be forgotten. I am Crash, rightful heir to the throne of odin. Remember me as a legend and ask the people of odin of my story. From there prepare your popcorn for a story that will instantly make you want to live up to my name. I am crash, look upon my work and bow upon the very hearing of my name. This servers so ■■■■■ without me theres a bloody police force kill me now.