[PS4][OFFICIAL PVP][NA] - Alpha Clan LFM

Alpha Clan on an Official PVP Server looking for 2-3 experienced players who can be on between 3-7pm(Raid Time) through the week.

We have an incredibly easy to defend base and good stock of supplies. We are currently in the middle of a server wide war with several tribes and any potential member needs to be able to hit the ground running. We will power level any recruits to 60, but they need to have a working knowledge of PvP builds, strategic land claim(Non-Grief War Time Only), and trebuchet operation. Potential applicants also need to be comfortable working on large team based projects like rapid FOB construction/Deconstruction. If you are interested, Reply to this thread or message me on PSN at P1zzaSlay3r.

Bump for a new day.

We still have one spot open and the war continues to rage!