PS4 Official PVP Server #3581 Exploiters


Hi Funcom Played since launch but with my group of friends and had alot of fun, then about 4-5 Months in we got zerged, harassed, and griefed off our server after being hit all day everyday for a month straight, we were all tired and annoyed when it stopped being fun and turned into a full time job just to play. So we took a break moved onto other games, but recently we started coming back to conan onto the same server we left to find the Same clan building over the whole server. Meshing bases under the Map and into the Dungeons to block access and filling them with thralls, still Griefing and Harassing new Players or just any Players that join and don’t want to be in their “Mega” Tribe of The Orders. All of it just kills me to see it, and yes granted we can Start over on a new server and build up but between the meshing, Land claim spamming, griefing, and harassment it’s too much and doesn’t seem fair to new or old players on that server.
Please DM or Reply can give you their info and a few videos or screenshots of it all.


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