PS4-Official PVP US Promise of Pain Recruiting Few slots left

Promise of Pain is now recruiting for PS4 Official PVP! US / North American servers

We need mature, dedicated players who wish to play with the best! MMO raid veterans will find a comfortable home here! Conan is so much better with a group of good people!

Recently we have rolled fresh on an official pvp server, and within the week have already maxed our base out and established a fearsome reputation for ourselves. We need a few more dedicated players who are committed to the cause!

You have:

High play time

Cooperative mentality

Listening skills

Mature personality

Game experience (please no first characters)

You do not suck

Understanding of the political and social ramifications of your actions in game with other players.

We offer:

Experienced leadership

In-depth game knowledge

Fun and friendly environment


Help leveling / feating

Main Clan Rules

No lone wolf activities during official pvp hours. PVP hours are designated ‘clan time’ and you will be required to cooperate with whatever objective we are pursuing. If we are attacking, your with us, if we are defending you are with us, if we are stockpiling supplies your helping us farm. If you need to take an extended break from the game, notify leadership- do not ghost.

PSN Lyons or Kiliox for an interview

Recruiting for what? You only attack when the players are offline anyway. You can do that by yourself. Bunch of ■■■■■■■

If youre a offline raiders like them, please feel free to join them. They dont raid without giving a fight. Very easy job. Apply now