PS4-Official PVP US - The Swarm Recruiting

PS4-Official PVP US The Swarm Recruiting

We need mature, dedicated players who wish to play with people who are grinders and can play hours at end. We are also pvp veterans who know all aspects of raiding… etc

You must:

Be able to play/grind high amounts of time

Be able to work together as a tribe

Be able to listen/ follow instructions

Must also have a mature attitude

Must have some type of pvp experience

Have a great understanding of server politics

As a clan we offer:

Great Leadership with people who know how to run a tribe

We are also knowledgeable in the game and are welcome to listening to ideas

We have a non- toxic environment and are also friendly

We are helpful to new tribe mates whom are in need of leveling fast

Main Clan Rules

No lone wolf activities during official pvp hours. PVP hours are designated ‘clan time’ and you will be required to cooperate with whatever objective we are pursuing. If we are attacking, your with us, if we are defending you are with us, if we are stockpiling supplies your helping us farm. If you need to take an extended break from the game, notify leadership- do not ghost.

PSN rcarnitas if interested.