PS4 official server purge question

I have been hunting human purges on official servers for a while now and I’ve found that most human purges in the south are at most level 4. The issue is that the southern animal purges are level 6. This means that as far as I have tested the level 4 human purges will not spawn if the server purge level is set to 6.

Question is, are there any official servers that have a level 4 purge setting? If not it is potentially impossible to spawn the following on official servers:

~A crew of Black Hand Pirates
~A band of desperate exiles
~a horde of safari cannibals
~a Dogs of the Desert pack(disciples will spawn)
~A gang of degenerate Lemurians
~A cabal of Votaries of Skelos

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Not sure how accurate your statement is. I have had a mixture of both purges. Depending on where it hits. Noob river I have never had an animal purge and there most def easy to deal with. In north I just get level 6’s it seems.

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