[PS4] - Official server, recruit new players! | Official Server 3566 |

Hello guys!
I am the clan leader “A Irmandade”, a clan of the 3566 server.
It is a server with many new players, which are now reaching level 60.
The map is clean, and in almost every obelisk has a map room open. Many top places to build base, plus no Obelisk obstruction.
Near the start of the game (G3 on map) There is a “Welcome Center for Beginners!”.
There, BEGINNERS can pick up double metal picks from the stars, legendary weapons, and flawless armor, as well as pets.

It will be the ideal server for you to evolve quickly with your clan.

official server 3566

Just joined the server

Perfect, tell me your nick. and I will give you the items,

glad to know Irmandade still playing on 3566.

I am an experienced PVP player and have a clan that I can bring to this server but will someone be able to level me to 60 here?

So, with the items you should receive, it will be very easy to level up and get the dungeons in the game.

have you ever played there? come back!
what’s your clan? rng, the cousins, rma, coppafeel? or some other?

Whats your PSN? I’ll message you on there



Fui Hunters pow, hahaha

Ahhhh massa!

Jestem zainteresowany dolaczeniem do Serwer i klanu

Yeah log in played for several days and then get killed by level 60 and raid by two. Real fun and welcome community you got there

You recruiting players for your server or clan? Clan I would be interested if you have some fragments of power and hardened steel. Average PvP player experienced at all the rest. Can carry my own weight easily. Requirement for me is adults only clan, no minors and they usually shift too easily across games and are traditionally a source of problems at long term.

Starting solo on a new server, way too much boring and with set altar nerfs with avatars disabled not really nice to play solo. :frowning:

I come from Lusitania also!

still valid? I’m just looking for a server with my friends, it remains to check a good oh ping from me