PS4 Patch (03.09.2019) - Battle Standards, New Weapon types, further balancing and more!

Happened to me too in same time but i lost 15 chests

For 2h sword the L2 is actually pretty good now, it’s an overhead swing

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If u use a normal 2h sword that’s right, but i use the bastard sword. :wink::v:t4:


Well the bastard sword is just Lies.

But it has an additional attribute to crippling and that’s bleeding.
Therefore, I like to use it, the least number of opponents are undead and only a few have good armor.

I do not need the L2 button, I’m 4 in strength, so my power attacks are 25% harder.


This is probably why they dumbed it down, some people just want to spam the “strongest” attack instead of experimenting with combinations and find something that works. While its true that R1 attacks are weaker, the point of that R1, R2, R2, R1 combo was crowd control, especially since the finisher had a knockdown that the R2 finisher lacked, but it seems CC is slowly being eliminated from this game. You are right about the kick being useless, but it got changed for an equally useless shieldbreaking move with ridiculous stamina cost and no followup potential.
The reason I “complain” is because I bought this game thinking the combat was good, and a month after I paid for it, they made it the free game of the month with a patch that granted CC immunity to a bunch of enemies and making combat a lot more reliant on tanking hits with hyperarmor. Since every update keeps making combat worse, I only come to this game to see the changes made with each patch, get dissapointed, then come here to tell FC how combat can be improved so that my purchase doesnt go to waste.

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One more reason why I use the Bastard sword.
On R2 the crowd control is activated throughout. I have used many other weapons before with 100% armor breakthrough etc. but nothing can match the bastard sword, it does good damage and it has very good attributes.

And with the new modification kits, I’ve managed to bring it to a permanent damage of 90.


Damn… need to get that sword, but I have no luck anymore in UC.
Have 30 red mother heads, still no bow…

After months, I finally have everything from the Red Mother, weapons and Legendary Armor. I’ve killed her 780 times now. The torch I have now 8x, of which 3 with the improvement so that it burns 418h.

Small note, since update 37 you can not make any more durability kit on the torch.



780 times… :smiley: Well time to start farming then :slight_smile:

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The next thing, what is correct for the Oil of Agony… Because you describe them in 2 ways…

Oil of Agony – Either increases weapon damage by 10% permanently or increases weapon damage by 25% temporarily

And then in the patchnotes of PC, PS4 and Xbox it is like that (even on Testlive):

  • Oil of Agony – Increases weapon damage by a flat amount (15).

So whats up with that? Who is right and who is wrong? And why is your internal communication so BAD?

And the next thing is, I modded my Blade of Adventurer yesterday and it has now 91dmg. This would be the +15 DMG from the forum patch notes.

So the blog entry is just completely crap or?

New patch is out!

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