PS4 Patch (15.01.2020) - Post-Mounts Parity Patch: Movement tweaks, exploit fixes and more

If bearers get fixed some time, they should be better. Currently they are kinda the same like a T1 bearer (T3 the strongest).


… but why.


PvP should be more player against player, not thrall against player :wink:

Thats why. But yeah, they could have left PvE with the old values…

Aller, no texto esta arrumado UM ponto de undermash, eles não conseguem acabar com os pontos de uma vez, precisa ir denunciando um a um

Se vc quer denunciar um clã por undermash vc tem q mandar uma mensagem para um admin aqui mostrando o ponto onde há o glitch

I love the game! :heart_eyes: -> Funcom changes the game :sob: -> I try hard to adapt, and start to like the game again :grinning: -> Funcom changes the game :sob: -> I try hard to adapt, and start to like the game again :slightly_smiling_face: -> Funcom changes the game :sob: -> I try hard to adapt, and start to like the game again :neutral_face: -> Funcom changes the game :sob:… Now, I’ll try hard to like the game again… Or finally realize that this cycle will make me sick. I can’t understand how a incredible company like FC can not just release the game and keep it the way it is. Players will always complain, and any changes just change sides. The game is awesome, and as I always said, improve, add resources… but just keep what is already working. Each update comes with negative expectation. Updates should be great, nice, make players happy. But no… It never can just fix the game, or improve the game, or add resources to the game… it always has to change what already works.


And I get that the health regen was fast pre patch but tell me what the “perk” is for 3 star in vitality now? Because it’s pointless post patch. “Spend your attribute points wisely and over time you can unlock powerful perks.” Seems everything is getting taken away. If I spend points in vitality to acquire the passive regen “perk” I expect it to do what it says. :frowning:

Você pode passar mais detalhes do processo? Pois estou tentando denunciar via twitter da ■■■■■■, msg no formulário e tentei aqui, porem não consegui anexar os prints.

They should if they have the right stats and a crom sword.

Considering I had a lvl 16 Berserker that did 4x the damage of one of the old ones, cutting damage in half is ok. (I think pc patch notes or something said they lowered it by 40%)

And how did you know, it did 4x dmg?

I wouldnt wonder, that when FC “balance” the thralls even more, that we are back to the same stats the thralls were, before the leveling system :smiley:

Also “leveled thralls” were promoted as being: SIGNIFICANTLY stronger… With every update that I doubt that more and more :smiley:

and call it TVE???

Which is okay as far as i am concerned. But the old values they could one shot with pretty much any Legendary 2H.

Just based on kill times, but it was pretty consistent. Actually it was closer to 3x but the legacy thrall had a better weapon.

Because it isn TvE or TvP even after the nerf…

Give me my boss killing weapons!!

by my calculations the reduction was 35%

Hi funcome.

You do a great job with the game, and i love to play it. But some times you ust miss!
Afther the hot-fix i have a werd problem every time i log into the game. My caracter is “stuck” and i have to do a dodge befor i can start move around my caracter.

@Hugo i’am not soure if other players have this issu. But pliz help.


I logged in last night and had this exact issue. When I first couldn’t move I waited for everything to draw in as I was in my base. But then even then I couldn’t move. A dodge freed me and I was good to go.

I was standing on my bed. I didn’t check if I was standing in the bed and it was somehow preventing movement or something.

But anyways a dodge and I was back to normal

Just to be clear, is this in parity with what’s on PC?

I’ve seen that happen when I log in, but I doubt it was this patch. To me it started on the previous patch.

Hmm. For me it happend at this patsh. And i dont know what trigger it.

  • I can stand open in the exaild land, i’am still “stuck”.