PS4 Patch (19.05.2020) - Follower, texture and stability fixes

Always love the fun patch notes…

I’ll have to check in… Fo76 wants 8gb update…COD-MW wants 20gbs… and CE is now in Que for its update. I guess I dont get to play today. XD

Increasing tether so they stay 5m behind us, would help alot. Really its just them wanting to be so close when your harvesting…and you hit there face. XD
And when in combat, you can’t walk away from 3 guys, with out horse always being in middle.
Just further distance so it doesnt creep up.
Anyway… I need wait for all these game updates to try it out. XD

@Ignasi Thank you and your team for the hard work you’re putting in, especially in these trying times.


Thank you my wife was on waiting for it to load before I left for work

Updated, (FO76 still down)
I just picked up Blood and Sand, Yamati and Horses of Hybroia.

Its been at 99% load bar for about 10mins now.

Loading in for past few updates has been 3-4mins wait… Wanted point that out. Incase anyone else is taking forever to load SP save?

Stonebrick, Insulated Corner seem all clear,

Rock Slab, Still has a shadow movement on it, Once placed, You can’t tell. I assume the issue was reflection/lighting issue?

Summoning Pit, The poo stains are gone, But now there a Sand Effect Sprayed across several objects. (along top)
Hard to tell if its just new format… or… maybe I’ve been blind this whole time?

I might just be crazy…

Be back with screen cap…

Its abit weird see right there, which Is why i think its off.

But up top, it seems to fit.

Also, Noticed (which I thought was fixed) Volcano is popping all weird again from Desert (before this patch, and after)

@Sera67 sounds like me during windows 10 update perpetual 97% loading loop. No wonder I play on console. :camel:

Thankyou so much for working to resolve this issue so quickly peoples. Sadly Ive not had a chance to install the update and check it as of yet, but will try to sneak in some time during the week, then get back to you all.

Im affraid that I am uncertain what this means. So does this mean that they no longer follow as closely as before?

Yes, thankfully. I just tested it out and indeed, the horse is back to giving a brother some space.


Yep, By about 2 feet, to 5feet.

They Can still get up on you, and you’ll whack them with pickaxe time to time, But so far, I have been able to back up, and 3 npcs will close distance, and horse will stare at me over there shoulders. (often out of spear reach)

Thou Now… he horse likes to get just close enough, the camera is inside its mouth… and all I see is teeth and tongue XD

Diffidently better.

  • Combat Music still sticks. (SP) teleporting to new zone and back, logging out and in, or just waiting for it to go away… after 10+ repeats about only way around it. Or Going all way back to what wanted to fight (often a stupid npc/critter on ledge above)

-Trebuchet Arms, (final making) Sits at 1%? (this was patch before to, forgot to mention it) Can’t tell if this is the normal? Taking 10+ years to finish?

  • Arena Wall (no window) doesnt break. (when deconned) (just got dlc)

Otherwise, Great Patch. Just about everything running good so far.


A petty issue, but an apparent one since the Followers II update. The White horse now has a Black Mane and Tail not sure if bug or not. I want my Gandalf horses back!


Noticed since yesterday than when I have fast travelled to Volcano yesterday with a follower and a friend, follower became invisible to me though was shown on map next to me.
Also follower sometimes still spawns with half the body inside floor.
Still happens also when fighting Red dragons, they just press down on follower which ends up being stuck in floor, so you have to get away for it to come out, then the fragon follows you until it has to go back to spawn, and it’s health bar is full again… It’s doable after a bit of time but painful.


I kinda liked this snowy roof effect that was caused by the white stains bug.

I’m glad it’s gone, because it looked ugly on other surfaces, but on roofs it was spot on for northern buildings. This will be missed. F.


Thank you developers. Now the radial menu works as they should for my followers and for when deconstructing building items.

Just need time to get used to the new follower command system. Im not sure if my follower is supposed to act that way but will experiment more.

You play Conan along with your best half? You are living the dream, a buggy one tho. That’s how we go here at Bugcom


Amen Brother and she has killed me so many times. She got Tower of elephant and we didn’t know anything about it. Live with the bugs they will go away.


Alright so spent the day grinding volcano Thralls, and the follower attacks 8 or 9 times out 10.
There’re still few moments where nothing happens and he stays put, but better than before.

Will consoles get thrall customization like in pc?


I noticed that Funcom still hasn’t fixed the bug that randomly crashes the game when you change armor. And get this. Whenever I put fish traps in my large well, they disappear when I quit the game. Great job Funcom.

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Something is wrong on the pve c Europe official servers.
I’ve tried all of them and a few friends helped me checking with me the most of them. Not always but almost always we start and the character cannot move. The lag in those servers is unacceptable. And the server list show pings 66-99 but it’s not true. Because we see each other teleporting instead of moving, same with enemies. And we are on a spot and some seconds later we are much ahead (probably falling) or much beside, (probably falling) we play two from same house, another one from same town and another one in a different region, the only common thing is that we are in the same country. I’ve tried to keep the moral up, saying that the objective now is not to survive environment and other players but to survive the bug. It worked for some hours but the truth is that I understand their frustration… It’s almost impossible to play with friends if not on offline coop. And even if I don’t care, they prefer to play on servers with more people (not possible on coop neither on a private server payed by us)
I have returned a few days ago to the game and the servers were not as bad as they are now. But, I can understand, if G portal Is a producer of the game and they have the ps4 servers monopoly (you can’t host a server by yourself) you don’t want the players to play for “free” on official servers, you want them to pay each month.
I don’t really think that the bugs make this game unplayable (they made it more challenging) but I think that the official servers are unplayable, Now, no when I played more than a year ago… I’m thinking on pvp on those servers… This can push you to suicide. I hope that someone take note on the servers performance and work on a much more working solution, because I was one of Conan exiles lovers… And now I feel exactly as all those users that have spread angriness oceans about this games

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While I am pleased to report that the patchy paint/building piece discolouration bug, and horse following to closely bug have now been resolved, I not have an even larger issue since the Hotfix, and and need some serious HELP please.

I can no longer play Conan Exiles offline AT ALL since downloading the hotfix! My game cant load past the main menu whilever I am not online, it just becomes stuck in an infinite loading loop, and I have to quit to the dashboard. Furthermore, if I do play while online and the signal drops out or I deactivate it, the game freezes/crashes.

This is a setious problem for me, as unlimited data is not a given in my country. Internet is expensive and unreliable at best. I need to be able to continue playing offline as I have for the ladt 2 years up until the Hotfix. Because as it stands now, I literally cannot play the game.

Funcom PLEASE fix this issue! Further details can be found here:

PS- @Kapoteeni, @stelagel and @Sera67, you peoples were all Offline Singleplayers werent you, do any of you have this issue…?


No i don’t have this issue. Still i am ps4 player. I am really sorry for the problem you have, it is really frustrating and I hope you ll find solution fast.