PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread

While I have been relatively fortunate in this department, aside from a few isolated incidents, my partner was not so lucky. At one point, she was experiencing the CE-34878-0 almost every 10-12 mins, before we were able to get around this.

For example, in my partners experiences we observed the following. The crashes almost always occurred at her home/base which had grown quite large by that point. But was this the cause or a symptom of the effect…!? We didnt know. Based on a compilation of the relatively few bits of information I found, the most likely factors I could establish were:

  1. Number of foundations blocks present at the base
  2. Amount of lighting present, eg-wall torches, braziers, etc
  3. Number of thralls guarding the base at any one given time
  4. The number of crafting stations working on existing tasks, and the backlog of given tasks there within

I couldnt help but noticing when I played Fallout 4, it has a building limit at its settlements, and that exceeding this through exploits started resulting in crashes on my friends console. However, that is not to assert that this the cause. I am NOT claiming to know how this problem works or why! This is just what we have observed thus far and though were worth contributing. If anyone would like me to pass on how we got around this issue then let me know; Im willing to try and help, however I can not promise anything of course.


Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [Europe]
PS4 Standard

All my Thralls and Pets have disappeared from my Single player game.
The only exceptions are workshop thralls and thralls standing in an object.

I had exceptional/flawless armor in almost all my Thralls, had many named Thralls, giant pets, a lot of pets defending my base and now they are all gone.

First they would disappear, but somehow they were there, since I was getting the “happiness” icon near where my dancers where. They would return after half an hour (+/-) gameplay.

Now they don’t return at all, tried everything, from logging out, to travel afar for hours and coming back to my base.

Seems to only happen with Thralls / Pets standing on normal ground. Ones standing on objects like foundations/buildings, are still there.

My son logged in today and he lost all his Thralls / Pets also. Due to this, he immediately quit playing completely frustrated. Almost doing the same here.

Fix your game guys. 1.4 million copies sold and still this game-disrupting issues occur? Game-player base will leave if you don’t handle your issues and it seems that with each patch you fix 30 things and ruin 40 more.

By the way, frame-rate is also worse now since the patch, including freezes of 1-2 seconds sometimes, not necessarily during combat or heavy duty situations.

Good info. I have noticed a lot of these things as well. And also notice some of the damage bugs on PVP come after massive destruction of bases. Your comments are the type that help. Concise and organized info only helps Devs replicate to resolve.

Do not know if it is the right trhead but…
ghosts around the world are experiencing issues: many times they do not even appear (even if the sounds plays),E.G. : the ghost in “i - 5” cell appears in T-position, you hear the sound of a killing but nothing appear, do not know if there’s some diary or note to read, nothing appears on the ground or around.

Unfortunately I can confirm this. Also singleplayer/offline/PS4. I had the same problem. Loaded after the last patch and all of my Fighters, Archers and Dancers were gone (Craftsmen seem to be unaffected). I walked and admin teleported away a few times, and when I returned, at first on foot, not all, but most were back to their usual spots. Thank goodness my T4s were all still inside guarding the throne. I have however noticed that they are safe/unaffected if they are either inside your house or on foundations. So if you can get any of them back, I would strongly advise moving all non-expendable guards inside your home until this is resolved. Any luck since your post?

Is it possible they fell through the floor before it finished rendering and are now in the undermeshing anyone!?

online PVE public server 3519

Fast walking is ALWAYS followed by a lag spike and unwanted movement forward. I have fallen off of or into things many times. Its only avoidable if you do the slower jog. To account for this I often try to guess my stopping point but the 2 second spike is still a problem. It doesn’t matter where I am or how populated the area.

Combat brings huge spikes as well. I’ve often noticed that just getting aggro from something offscreen will cause a lag spike and has alerted me to otherwise unknown aggression from around me. Problem is, I can’t often react fast during combat and it causes a whole lot of jumping past each other. I had a bear pet today just constantly miss the ram attacking me because I kept moving and his attacks were dreadfully behind the movement curve. Again, location and population bear no affect to this. I was on a mountaintop near nothing.

There are spikes caused by large building structures when loading in and they can cause disconnect. One building on Telith island will cause me to disconnect at the same spot across the water from it if I am running fast. If I slow jog, the disconnect will not happen. Its right past where the draw bridge comes down.

Only the fast jog problem is really new. At least consistently. I still have thralls falling through foundations or are stuck in them at various bases. The ones near the Lemurians, the ones in the volcano, and the ones in the highlands. It appears random but certain areas seem to be more affected, such as over water or where more than one foundation is stacked on top of each other. I recently got one alligator back from inside a foundation and found him walking on my WoP. Odd place and I’m sure he came out because someone had come by.

Hey there!

Thanks for all the feedback! Please keep it focused on stuttering, frame rate and lagging issues though! We’re monitoring this thread to try to find the cause of this naughty problem. As always, if you could provide a video clip of this particular set of problems in action, that would be incredibly helpful!
Regarding the de-spawning of thralls and pets, we are receiving an increasing number of reports about it. It has been reported to our devs, who will look into it. But again, please keep this thread for performance issues only! :slight_smile:


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I have this same problem as well but they always come back also I notice when I click on thrall pot their names still there.

Do you guys have ps4 and ps4 pro to do test on? Or you just releasing things not testing them on the console? Just curious as why you need video clips when if you had ps4 and ps4 pro you would test this yourselves if not I suggest you get a developer’s ps4 from Sony or ask them how to get one from them.


What if they do, and they are not getting these issues.
That is like telling a mechanic, you have a car, drive it and you will hear the noise my car is making. Not being sarcastic, just showing that the more info from teh actual person with the issue, the easier to understand.

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As someone that does work on cars yes you can tell what things are just by driving them and it’s a question relax dude

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Driving your car or theirs? If you can diagnose my cars problem by driving yours, then i need to hire you asap. I am relaxed. But i just get kind of tired of the 100s of posts that are passive aggressively implying that Funcom is lazy and doesn’t test out bugs. When asked for more info, it doesn’t help to get mad at a simple questions. Yes or No would suffice, or i can’t post video, just joined forum. Simple, and more conversational than accusatory comments.

The issue I’m having is the very 1st time I log onto the game is it blue screen crashes when I 1st try to log in. The second time it always logs in fine.
Secondly the first time I die it always spawns me in desert. I have to kill myself, then it goes to spawnpoint.
Edit: can’t even log in now. Blue screen crash when about 80% loaded. All apps up to date…

All developers do this, you get a more accurate idea of what causes a bug/error/performance issue, what it causes and how to fix it if you have community input as well as the data from any in-house bug testers, as the in-house bug testers do have the appropriate equipment on hand, but might not be able to replicate the problem in question.

A lot of developers are simply not up front with them using community input to fix these problems, why do you think most AAA games are constantly recording information as you play? Part of that is to fix any problems that might arise by seeing when these problems occur, what was being done when it happened, and see if the issue is isolated or widespread, as well as infrequent or frequent. it is also why some games (I can give a few examples that are full releases too) allow players to file in-game bug reports, they will look at these reports and see if they match with other reports filed and the data they’ve collected.

Hey there,

Please keep the conversation civil.
As it is been pointed out, the reason why we ask for specific input is so we can isolate the issue that is reported and focus our efforts to fix it. We understand that these issues can cause frustration and we apologize for it. We are also trying to improve the game in any way we can, and first and foremost or intention is focusing our attention onto those problems the community -our players- are facing. I certainly hope it is not unreasonable of us to ask for some directions as to where to send our QA team to replicate the issue and send whichever further technical details our devs need to squash the problem.
Thanks for your patience and feedback, and for keeping this thread on track :slight_smile:


Lets keep it civil they say.
I ran a test. Started 300 hour game over. Fresh start. Naked and afraid in the desert. Found the problem.
Steps to repeat.

  1. Use a PS4
  2. Use a Hardcopy of the game.
  3. Don’t update game.
  4. Experience no lag offline. Build, slay, explore, accomplish things.
  5. Update game including forced dlc you aren’t going to buy.
  6. Experience disappearing thralls anywhere you place them, and disappearing pets.
  7. Experience lag while offline(first game I ever had to have this problem)

How is that for both civil and what steps to replicate problem?


Regular PS4.
Official PVP Server.
Been on a while.

Issue: Blue Screen and log load in after death
Area: Base–medium amount of thralls/pets (lets say 15 of each) multiple crafting statins with thralls on them as well, 10-15 chests in the immediate area where it happens most.
Seems to lag and happen with any combination of these things:
Blue Screen

  1. Inventory boxes with a larger variety of mats (dump box so to speak) tries to preview
  2. Have a large amount of crafting stations going.
  3. Have a full inventory of mats you are moving around
  4. First time when you load into game for the day (3 or 4 in row sometimes)–did notice if i load a SP game then log off it and into the online server, it tends to not happen again.
  5. Loading base when coming in (have a bazillion doors, not my choice, but hey, it makes it a b to raid :slight_smile: ). doors will vary from gates, to dlc, to black ice.

6. Torches when in close view will cause lag as well.

Did notice if i take a night eye potion, lag is way less, and don’t blue screen near as often, if at all. But i don’t want to become a night eye addict :slight_smile:

Purchased new dlc last night hoping it might help with some of these issues didn’t. Maybe it’s better tonight. Would like to play over the holidays. Cross your fingers.ps4 gportal server

Hey there,

We will be releasing a hotfix really soon to help alleviate these performance issues that arose recently.


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^ so glad.

before the last patch I finally came back to conan to refill my base after the thrall hunger bug decimated my population, it was with some trepidation, but I played and really enjoyed it for a week solid, it was smooth, it ran well, so nice after waiting so long for performance fixes, then to have it undone by an update… I haven’t been able to go back since. Hopefully you can maintain a solid performance throughout further patches, and keep a sharper eye out for conflicts within the content. I don’t know how bound you are to release dates for the dlc, but patches and updates coming out untested and un-optimized are a sure way to drive loyal fans away.

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