PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread


Awesome thank you I felt you would deliver. GLAD I was right


Hey there,

We have released a hotfix that should alleviate the many of the issues you reported in this thread.
You can fix the patch notes in this thread: PS4 Hotfix (20.12.2018)



As much as we appreciate the quick response, performance has not been restored to how it was pre-patch.
I hate to say it, but currently the game feels like too much of a wreck for me to play.

Are you playing single player, multiplayer (PVP, PVE)?

Single Player
Which are the areas of the game that show these issues consistently?
Everywhere? The game has issues before Katana patch but this one…just kills it.
I could point to new asgard but this was always laggy. In general roaming open areas or forest does little, but once you turn upon camp, and start combat, it’ll pause/freeze game before it keeps going.

Is your game/server containing a large number of buildings and player-made structures? If so, are they complex?

If i log in (offline) turn quickly thru my base, it’ll blue screen.
If I wait a moment, everything works fine and not very laggy. (I stop trying to make role playing homes with tables and items about… just not worth lag on ps4.

Are you experiencing these issues more consistently with a large number of Thralls?

Its single player, so theres only 6-7 about freely, and whats attached to crafting tables.

If possible, could you upload a video showing these issues?
Maybe, (I stop playing other day do to crashes and save corruption) and have moved back to MGSV… My back up save after event is all I got…not in mood start over for 40-50th time.

Most of issues is starting combat, (with humans, animals dont cause it) BUT if 5 rhinos are on same spawn, and have to “spilt” game will lag out.
Or Boss, has 3-4+ spawns in one spot have to “spilt” game will lag out and freeze.

Most of small enemy camps will ether work, or freeze game for 1second. Its fairly random.

Turning camera super quickly (not just 180, but several 180’s) will blue screen game from time to time after 2-3 hours play time. (which I assume is memory issue after lengthy play time)


We are working on optimizations that should improve performance issues near player-made buildings noticeably, both on PC and consoles, and should be available in an upcoming patch.


So it do nothing in nudity setting what ever i do it still on none i play on ps4 in solo mode and it’s more anoying when i can choose nudity setting abnd it do nothing why a final version have bug like that it’s unforgetable


I played last night on officials and private PVP. The worst stuttering I got is when im farming resources. when I get full it seems the stuttering is even worse


I have to agree with Cka3ka… Why do you need the end user to show you whats wrong with your game??? Just boot up the game and play… Anytime another person comes near me I lag out anytime I wanna fight a mob of monsters i lag out… This happenes on both of my PS4’s… Pro and Original.

Did this game get directly ported from PC with absolutely no testing?


hey marry cristimis happy new year

fiest of al very nice game hopefull you go more ibto game add stuff new builsing new enemies new area en resources

but the problem at the moment are this

1 the person thet i play its like miror of his move is slowy fallow him i called mirror bug

second 2 lags en shuttering while gaming special in fight or before you fight en when you die game freeze also when you spawn at bed

3rd i notic thet the cooking cheff servent is not doing his job he aint cooking i place wood en flesh end fish bit he not cooking at his own

ideas end inprovement.

1 i whanna lvl my servent en see there invecrty end add there pionts also what i have as skill

2 give poeple orders in beter way.

3 add farmers servebt in the game
they he can go farm thet i give order to it use the servebt map give him loaction whre to whare

4new building like market or baraks would watch towers.

5 new monster or new mutends base need to be add.

6 enemies clan can attack your

ai can make there own base en geruikt other ai.

love raid en loot en kill.

also last few thing pls fix the game first.

i(top i i place stone floor i see the grass stil true the walls or floor.trees stil growing.

i wish there are bigger bases new servent like farmer. exe warrior.tamer of animals.trainer to tame your prisioners.

or the last thing.make cave or prision or hang those ■■■ up on your wall.or burn then alive.maby a own emblem clan can be made

scorpion king emblem new skills.or marouders.o very last thing.

fix the game first en be more active pls.when big update cames??


Consistently lagging on PVE Conflict, with a PS4 Pro. Lagging around buildings, near containers, but it can hit anywhere. Near Muriel’s Hope, I’ve actually gotten several stuck, unable to walk anywhere, I could only roll forward out of the heavily lagged area, for some reason. I have rocketed off the edge of a cliff during a laq spike. On occasion animals and thralls don’t not visibly load, so, I get attacked by invisible enemies, frequently losing half my hp before being able to track down invisible archers etc. Many things are extremely slow to load, like pet textures, my wolves generally resemble badly rendered lions.


Pls fix the decaying of another players small base that’s not active for over 2 months now, it gets refreshed every time my base gets refreshed due to able to build so close to my main base. 1 side is already destroyed by a purge over a week+ ago. O.S #3522 PVE-C by Mitra Shrine made of tier1 stuff by the pool.


Official server 3510 us ps4 pro me ps4 my wife both wired connection to Internet good connection problems 1invisible enemies on pro only 2 buildings piecing in super slow 3 dying no options to pick bed or bedroll just desert die again can pick spawn location both systems 4 die running between brimstone an mitra trainer oasis due to game crash blue screen load back in I’m on the other side of the mitra shrine like the server an my game not both sure of where I’m really at on pro thank u I know u guys are doing the best ya can an thank u for that love ur game can’t wait for the foxes ur working on thank u guys for making the game it’s me an my wife’s favorite game to play togther were a two person clan lo


Hey everybody,

We are aware of PS4 Pro systems having additional issues regarding performance. To those of you playing on PS4 Pro and experiencing these issues, could you provide some extra info so I can send it to our QA guys?

  • Resolution (4k or 1080p/i)
  • Is performance/boost mode enabled on your system?

Thank you in advance.


To be honest I have no idea lmao sorry I’ll check an hit u back on how it’s set up but I have a question in turn u can speak to ur programmers can u tell me the optimal way to have the ps4 pro set up I’ll gladly change settings to make the game preform better thank u for ur time


In addition to my friend post for server 3522;

delete, wipe, destroy, vaporate, nuke and/or BAN in his most absolute form the clan members: UNSCRUPULOUS… who their only goal is to block every player by building wall around obelisk, dungeons villages with spikes on it. And yes… its PVE-C so we cannot destroy buildings… only secure what we can with our own wall without blocking any access.

this server like this whole game in all its form are in real danger if YOU!! F.U.N.C.O.M do nothing for correct this issue


Can u rally other clans I mean just to make there lives more difficult an eventually throttle them til they move servers I had a similar problem whole volcano blocked off so I foumnd there main camp boxed on the. Obelisk closest to there home base put up a sign this door opens to all when the volcano does took two days just an example


Hey guys, new member here. Just bought the game on PS4 as it was discounted in the January sale. Have only played for about an hour but I’ve already experienced a number of issues that are hampering my enjoyment of the game.

  1. The first issue is a freeze/stutter that happens randomly but consistently during gameplay. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing it just freezes/stutters for a split second and then gameplay continues. Very annoying.

  2. The second issue has already been mentioned but when I die the game freezes for probably 5-10 seconds before respawning me in the desert.

  3. The third issue is textures seem to drop resolution (stop loading? I don’t know) on the player model and potentially other models as well. I’ve had it happen twice so far where the textures on the player are super low resolution, like you can’t see muscles or any sort of detail anymore. Reloading the game seems to fix it for a time.

  4. Last issue is server lag. I’m from Australia playing on the oceanic servers and even with only 8 people in the server it said my ping was close to 100. I generally get around 50ms ping on most other games, even 64 player servers on Battlefield V.

  • All of these issues (except the ping issue) happens in both multiplayer PvP server and single player.
  • I’ve only just started the game so these issues are happening at the starting area in the desert.
  • I’m playing on PS4 Pro in 4K. Performance mode I think might still be enabled from when I had a 1080P TV. Might check this to see if it fixes anything.

Really keen to get stuck into the game but the issues I’ve experienced in my first hour are already troubling. Would be good if these issues get sorted out quickly. PSN don’t offer refunds once you start the game so I’m kinda stuck with it anyway but that’s beside the point.

Body texture goes from detailed to a flat texture

I took some videos of the stuttering issue but the board doesn’t let me post youtube links :confused:


First off welcome to Conan Exiles great game but u need lots of patience currently reloading again. Ps4 pro users seem to be having more issues than ps4. From what I’ve read on this and other forum. Why O replaced old ps4 with 1tb ps4 instead of pro they are continuously fixing problems hangin their good luck


Hey @dreamstation

We are aware of PS4 Pro systems having additional issues regarding performance. I am gathering as much feedback as I can to send it to our team first thing next year. Thanks for the information you shared, and I would be grateful if you could update me with your experience after disabling performance mode.
Regarding the Youtube links, please feel free to DM me with the link to the video.