PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread


really??? so many posts over the months about PS4 issues and you still bought the game???

a doubt you are a new member, but in any case the PS4 version is dead and does not work anymore.

i reload the game from scratch every 2 months. hoping that something has been overhauled, but more bugs and issues. most official servers are dead and only the most tolerant of the players exist and build on…

they now have a nice and dedicated forum moderator but without commitment at fixing the console version this turns into only a marketing handling.

how exactly are these issues reported by moderator to dev and how do we see the status of said issues???


Ignasis I am trying to find where to send you the video links in a private message but I can’t seem to find where to do it. Can you please assist with a link or some description on where to do this? I tried the other day when I made the post but no luck finding the option.

Edit - I see now I have the option to send you a message. It was definitely not there before.

Managed to play the game in co-op with my partner and we had some fun with it. Performance issues seem to also be there on our second PS4 as well which is a slim, not a pro. Might not have been as bad as the pro but there was definitely still some stuttering.


Yes I still bought the game because I loved Age of Conan back in the day and I’ve been waiting for Exiles to go on sale. Seemed like a fair price for the game and I thought that since it had been out for a while that some of the issues had been sorted. The game is not horrible, in fact both my partner and I had some fun with it in co-op last night. Just performance issues hampered the experience somewhat.


Here is where you can see what has been reported to the devs and the status of each reported bug/fix.


I looked through that list but it doesn’t exactly go into a lot of detail. It mentions “Assorted Performance Issues” but not much more detail than that. No mention of specific issues like the freezing/stuttering issue on PS4, etc.

Actually while I’m here I thought I’d mention that changing options that have a slider bar on PS4 is incredibly slow. You literally can only change it by 1 notch at a time and between each increase/decrease is a slight pause where you can’t increase/decrease again. Other games allow you to move the slider very smooth and quickly to the desired level.


This is why I haven’t bought a single DLC from funcom. I won’t buy DLC for a game in beta. I paid 50$ for this game on may 8th and it’s the buggiest game I’ve ever had to actually spend money on.


i reported that here a month ago and the moderator confirmed it was an issue introduced last patch. i don’t see that on the list of things to be fixed provided above. it used to work like many other things. video lag has gotten worse over the past few months. my guess is they are moving forward with PC dev and features while not testing the consoles. CE is a lazy console port of a PC game…


Hi my name is CrazyTim and I would like to help you fine people get an understanding of whats wrong with Conan Exiles so that you can fix it for Playstation 4. Go to youtube and look for an account called CrazyRebelTin123 and look for a video called “Conan Exiles but the game needs to be fixed” that is what you should look for when the video is up on youtube and finished so that you guys can finally get a video clip of whats going on whats going on with your game. Bear in mind that this video clip will be made a Playstation 4 slim or regular not the pro so no 4K HD and the server will be singleplayer offline. I really hope that this will help you all be able to fix the game’s problems or atleast shed some light on whats wrong. The video will be up in a few hours so give me some to have it finished after reading this ok.


Sorry about my voice being difficult hear in the video I really hope this helps


I waited to respond. Back after holidays hope everyone’s was great I was running my ps4 pro with boost mode off in 1080 I turned on boost mode an got a good bit better performance buildings filling in faster still have a lot of frame rate drops but only sometimes other times not at all an it’s random when this occurs but most often near my bases additional question my wife plays on a regular ps4 she still cannot play one night about three hrs without a freeze then a blue screen crash an chance this gonna b fixed anytime soon really hoping so I don’t want her to quit cause if this that’s my favorite person running with her is one of the things that keeps me playing hoping for good news thank u


Hey @Chaos31469

Thanks for following up with your situation. Are you and your partner playing online? Does that server have big and/or complex player structures?


We play online official server 3510 in us As for buildings there r a handful of larg bases but then we built our base next to the mitra trainer an the unknow city Alan has built like a one block foundation tall wall but it runs the whole desert an more but my wife freezers so much in our camp our largest one that she built a smaller one next to it she never froze there but she has added things to her base now even in her smaller camp she’s freezeingthwre she has 6forges one if Zeach bench thank u fir the quick response


A clan not Alan lol my bad


Thanks again.
We are currently testing some big improvements on optimizations aimed at the loading of player-made structures in our Testlive build (on PC), which could potentially help with this situation. We cannot provide an estimate date yet, but it should be available in 2-3 weeks on all platforms, after we polish any issues found in that build.


FREAKING SWEET thank u so so much that’s awesome made my day brotherman all I needed to know thanks again sweet


Twos just wow read all the fixes an thank u sounds great thank u


My wife and I play together she regularly freeze at base in elephant biome me not so much she has built her own base. My freeze is more random .also on loading just stops have to shut down application some time multiple times


Any way you guys can test this on console before you release or is it just pc you do the testing? I’m not saying a testlive on console as that will never happen saying do you have ps4,ps4 slim, and ps4 pro to test the up coming patches thank you for being on the forums and responding to players hope to hear from you soon.


for sure this has nothing to do with PS4 or consoles. no way they can do a proper test without a QA group playing it on PS4. lazy port to console.

why thank them for a patch that makes no promise to fix anything on PS4??? last round of patch that came off of test PC cased additional bugs and fixed none of the massive issues on console.


Because he has just acknowledge they see the problems an are actively pursuing fixes if those changes don’t help at all I put my full faith in funcom to fix it still y must u come To a open forum with devs just to crap on the game how about we try constructive complaints or worries rather than just being a asshat an whining like a spoiled entitled child (not saying ur don’t get offended but to many do ) constructive complaints or questions help more to fix the game u obviously like or uwouldnt b here right