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I have noticed something thought it might help on crashes my ps4 pro an my wife’s ps4 I looked at all the error reports ive sent to Sony on both systems due to freeze an then blue screen crash found that every crash is the same error code it’s ce-34878-0 all the same looked it up online says the crash is due to curupted save data on my ps4 but this has only ever happened playing Conan exiles nothing else ever on ether system maybe this can helps lil bit I hope


Do u both get the same error code as me an my wife we both get ce-34878-0


I report to Sony don’t think it is there issue will right down code next time. The only Conan-Exiles save on my unit is for settings 3.5 megs have only played on line with this machine.


Hey @Ignasis

Finally got around to testing with boost mode disabled last night and it didn’t make any difference. Same stutters, same freezes. My co-op partner is playing on a PS4 Slim and she has freezes/stutters as well so I don’t think it’s just limited to the PS4 Pro system.

We’re having another issue where my co-op partner always gets “attempt to join server failed” the first time she tries to join my co-op game via friend invite that I send. Usually on the second or third attempt it will work and she joins my game just fine but it always fails at least once when attempting to join.


The code is CE-34878-0 I hope this helps between my wife and I 2 freeze and a blue screen in 20 minutes


See that’s the same so that’s four separate systems having the same crash code for curupted save an Conan saves server side unless u play offline I say now I nothing of how tech worse just basic understanding so my question is now is this just a generic crash code for all ps4 or could the crash we all keep getting for curupted data ?or are the servers having a conflict with the servers on ps4 an that’s forcing the crash so then technical that’s y funcom can’t find a fix for it looking in the wrong place need to check were servers an ps4 work togther ?again not a tech guy so sorry if this sounds ignorant an all plaese correct me it’s how I learn I’ve owned a ps4 since day one launch never had this crash on any game on or offline an thank u for the reply brotherman hope u an ur wifes gaming only gets better


Just thought I should add my voice to the choir. However I wont get into too much detail, as others have already said it and shown it better than I could. Look there was always a little bit of stutter or lag, which wasnt that noticeable on my game, and reasonably easy to live with. However, after the katana update it just got much worse, to the point it is now very noticeable and detracts from the game and its flow.

Also upon death, I get a freeze frame of 8+ seconds just before the point of impact. No I am not exaggerating; I have counted it out. But hey at least I get plenty of time to reflect on my failings and how I couldve done better…:laughing:


Hey everybody,

Quick update: our team is aware of the performance issues, but we’re now focusing on the server issues that are affecting all platforms. Once we have dealt with that, we’ll look into the performance issues (and crashes) that are being reported here. Again, thank you. Every bit of information helps.
Hopefully the new optimizations introduced in our Testlive patch will help with some of these hiccups you people are reporting.


@ Ignasis

Thanks for the heads up. Hard to hear that the performance problems on 2 out of 3 platforms is not a higher priority especially with how severe the problem is but it is what it is. Do you have any sort of time frame for when both the server and the performance issues might be sorted?


I’m afraid I cannot provide any date yet but we should have the server issues sorted out throughout this week. But I would like to emphasize that performance is a priority as well. We’re collecting feedback on all three platforms, as well as Testlive. I’m sorry if that caused any confusion.


Hi,I am playing on a ps4 slim 500gb. Official pve -conflict server 3514. At any given time I play it constantly drops FPS,and stutters horribly,I can be in an open field with nothing in sight or in a populated area and it does it all the same. It isn’t internet lag,I’ve checked all of that,it’s game lag. I know a lot of people have complained about it and I hope you guys are on top of it. Love the game,and this is MY only real issue with it,because I die so much and even a little wary of trying to fight anything or anyone because I will freeze and be located somewhere else if I’m moving around. Please please fix this,it’s game breaking,not just an annoyance. Everything would be so much better with no FPS drops like this. Here is a link of it running as good as it gets for me,still laggy as crap. I will upload another one of it running worse.

#93 More FPS drops


I would love to have your stutter rate. My is WAAAY worse.



No worries. Keep us updated on progress if you can. Thanks!


Huzzah,I know you probably have it worse than that. This is me running GOOD. It seems to get worse the longer I play. And no one has been uploading videos for funcom to “evaluate “ it so I just threw one up. Either way,crap needs to be fixed NOW. The combat is fun af to me,until I drop FPS and fly 10 feet into a group of ■■■■■■■■ and lose all my crap


Going to ask a 3rd time do you test on actual ps4,ps4 slim, and ps4 pro or just pc and port it over that way. This is the 3rd time asking with no response on the other 2 times I asked beside white nights with backlash defending Fun com responding. I am leaning towards that you dont and just port over the pc version thus console isn’t really tested. Again I’m just asking don’t everyone get there panties in a bunch over a simple question just curious if you do or don’t.


Bom Dia,

  1. Em qualquer caso, quando de Raid sabemos que em algum momento estaremos pechar com algum jogador, mas quando estamos realizando o PVP buga, não podemos realizar ataques, e se o adversário se teletransporta de lado a lado. Em todos os ataques, não causaremos nenhum dano.

  2. NPCs são lentos para executar ataques em jogadores, causando a morte deles pelo mesmo.

  3. Truque de ficar submerso e realizar ataques sem perder o fôlego ou morrer, causando nossa morte no pvp.

  4. Quando nos aproximamos dos desfiladeiros, acabamos morrendo por problemas com bugs, mesmo que ficássemos na ponta do penhasco, nosso avatar caminha mais três passos até a morte.

  5. A proteção dos deuses termina antes do período de dois dias.

  6. Bombas causam menos de quatro mil danos do que antes.

  7. Obeliscos obstruidos por jogadores, impossibilitando o teletransporte no mapa.

Obrigado pela atenção, peço-lhe para trazer de volta o alerta para os jogadores do servidor para que eles não desistam de jogar Conan para ver os vários erros que eles vêem em curso ao longo do tempo.

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Ok so heres my Question how are you suspose to report server issues when the rented servers Ppl create have no server number like for instance Barbarian kingdom this server has been glitchy alot lots of rubber banding and glitching your character forward while running but i cant report the problems to the admin cause thiers no server number???


Any suggestions would be much appreciated ty.