PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread


Private servers are controlled by the admin :confused: Maybe G-portal if they are using that service. If it is a private PC, then the admin only can reset.


General Performance Bug Report:

System: PS4 Pro (bought summer 2018)
Mode: Single player
Buildings: one large castle larger than Solitude on Skyrim but way smaller than the castles in Dark Souls 3.
Thralls: not sure what constitutes a large number of thralls but what I have thus far doesn’t seem to affect performance.
Uploading: I can when I officially launch my channel.
Issues: framerate drops, slow texture pop-ins, non-functioning flight, motion blur despite being disabled.

Before I get to specifics I have tweaked the server settings & admin menu from left to right & back to default but nothing has changed anything that seems to be affecting performance. I also have done every troubleshooting option for ps4 except wiping the hdd clean. Thus either the changes aren’t sticking/activating or something under the hood may need a tune up.

My castle is in C13 perched on the ridge. There is this chasm/crevasse with giants that no matter how I tweak settings they spawn very rapidly to the point if I don’t regularly kill them all it greatly worsens the framerate drop as I get closer to them, it is almost as bad as Blight Town in Dark Souls on ps3. The giants spawn within each other too so that might be part of the issue, maybe not.

I have a bit of a theory that might fix performance in the north. From what I see on top of the giants there is a lot of fog, trees/foliage, rocks & wildlife. Which is nice but if it were capped at half the current amount for single player it would probably help. I tested some of this manually by clearing what I could in C13’s entirety aside from my castle & it helped. To combat the shortage of resources players can raise the harvest amount multiplier which functions currently.

Another thing that might help is to further prioritize the biome the player is in, it would probably be more enjoyable if traveling through a biome was smoother even it it meant briefly 5 frames per second when crossing the border between biomes. The benefit is at least the player can work around that easily, whereas right now frame drop is pretty hard to avoid.

These changes may or may not be a hit but if implimented I would suggest to make them able to be toggled & add in to the game a way to send feedback to optimize the gathering of data.


My friend el_mattador83 he doesn’t speak English we use to play in a official server #3140 somehow he’s not able to play anymore in the past 3 weeks he been trying to connect back to server he’s still very laggy, and disconnect every time off server. He went and call he’s internet company & reseted he’s ps4 to see opened he’s ports and now he’s just able to play on private servers can’t get into official servers. Is there anything that he still can do ?


Are u guys on the same country I mean a great pong on a server for u could b horrible for where every he is from are u guys close in location?


Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

After the last patch, I often get a freeze frame and then a blue screen (CE-34878-0). when will it finally be fixed? Yesterday I had it 17x today 6x. I lose the pleasure of playing.
Preformence has been getting worse since the last patch.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Yeah I asked the same thing lol about a month ago a lot of ps users pro an regular are getting this code sestus told me he thought it was just a Genral game crash code but u aren’t alone hopefully this next patch should help a lil bit ignalius said in my post he beleaved some of the fixes coming should help


Game mode: [Online | PVP | Official]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [EU]

Hello, yesterday I died in the volcano when the game got stuck again. This is another mistake when you go and the game will stop, the character goes forward, several dozen steps. That’s how I lost all my equipment yesterday when the character entered the lava itself. It was not possible to recover the equipment from the lava. The game is not playable, animals collapse under the foundations. Lags are in seconds, not miliseconds! When I return to my castle, I have to wait several (20-30) seconds before the entire building appears.
Very often, almost every day when the game is loading the progress bar is at the end, the game will crash.
I’ve been playing for four months and it’s getting worse with every new update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hey, PS4 Pro user here myself. There is a big performance patch due out end of Jan or Early Feb which will hopefully address these issues. There is a smaller patch due out first so don’t get the 2 mixed up :slight_smile:

As a temporary suggestion, what i do now when the game freezes is I stop pushing forward on analog stick. That way my character doesn’t end up running off a cliff when the lag fixes itself. I know its not ideal but i find it really help save my life and gear alot of times. I used to just keep the analog held up during lag spikes but died many times when it recovered and i would be teleported 20 meters forward.


Yeah when it lag freezes me I crouch an pull the stick back towards me a lil bit of ur crouched u can’t fall off ledges in case u didn’t know


Hey everybody,

We merged some of the recent threads reporting crashes and performance problems into this one.
Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:


So there’s new guys on my server one guy in particular playing solo told me he is struggling so I helped him through some stuff is like to know if this upcoming patch will make it where he can loot a bag I drop I’d like to give him a couple star metal tools to help him on his wayi


We drop loot bags between clans all the time. We even drag thralls to each other’s wheels when we don’t have one in the area. We’ve been doing this since November or so. Discovered it after the last patch on accident.


I hope they don’t think this is a bug, because it made the game that much more enjoyable for the various clans that play together and share resources.


The last patch made it to where u couldn’t pickup bags from decayed buildings I just assumed it was the same thing as me dropping a bag for him I guess I’ll try tonight thanks


Let me clarify. The wheel owner has to put the thrall on the wheel, but we drop thralls when they’re done all the time.


I get what ur saying thank u again gonna try an help homeboy tonight I thought that the last patch just made it impossible for people to open a bag other than there own no matter what


you can always use a dead thrall to transfer items


Dropped items this weekend to various groups also can put in unlocked chests thrall pot . Waiting on patch you?


Gotcha I’m on pve so chest thing won’t work but a dead thrall or animal inventory will work thanku guys


I’m playing on an official pve server on PC and I’ve dropped items out of my inventory onto the ground for another player who is not in my clan to pick up.
The latest that I did this was about 40 hours ago … get close to them and try it …if they can’t pick it up then
a) pick up item so it doesn’t disappear
b) use dead npc inventory as transfer method
c) create a detailed bug report so Funcom is aware they broke it on pve ps4