PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread


Any update on when the patches are going to be finalised? It is the end of January tomorrow and we’ve still not heard a lot about what’s going to be fixed and when we can expect it. I bought the game during the Christmas break but put it down soon after waiting for some fixes. Would be good to be able to start playing the game again. Thanks.


Hey there.

We recently posted our planned schedule and updated it with the current status of the upcoming patches and hotfixes. You can take a look at it here:

Please keep the thread on topic and only use it to report issues regarding performance :slight_smile:

UPDATE: We just released a hotfix that includes all changes introduced in the PC version over the past few weeks, putting all versions up to par. This hotfix includes a fix to the “death lag” many of you reported in this thread. Could you confirm, if possible, that this issue is alleviated?
It is our first step to stabilize and improve performance based on the feedback we received from our community. So thank you, again, for your help and patience. :slight_smile:


unfortunately patch 1.30 did not bring any real improvements to ce-34878-0 and freeze frame. the number of crashes in the base were no less. I play with the normal Playstation (no Pro). what will funcom do now?


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Tested out a few deaths in different spots and situations and all delayed properly. I was able to choose my bed location and not insta port to desert. Good deal!
Official server PVE Multi player _ ALSO, update, I did not lose any bodies. Might have been location choices, but nothing disappeared on me.


Not all death errors have been fixed , when you fall from high, you can fall under the ground and you will not see your body and cant recover your equipment. You have to ask someone to get their equipment back, because others can see the corpse.


Hey @damian_x_pl

That issue was not covered by our latest hotfix. It has been fixed internally, though, and it will come out with an upcoming patch.


Your shade spice recipes are gonna b on ur cauldron brotherman as long as ur speced for the shrine


Still having same issue only happens to me an my wife one on a ps4 one on a pro an it’s only in our bases both have diffrent bases aswell


I think I just had a “death lag” issue that has annoyed the crap out of me.

PvE Official Server #3731 - Level 60.

Last night, Monday 2019 Feb 04 - Built a hut NE of frozen Eyelet Lake (star meteor gathering zone) but went there in Silent Legion armor & not many warming drinks/foods. Got frostbite & my health kept dropping, even inside my not very warm stone house with bonfire so I headed SW to warmer zone with my uber thrall (Cimmerian fighter Dalnysia [sic]).
Then of course I hit the ridiculous gauntlet area in B12-C12 with super concentrated & aggressive beasts that only want to kill me & not each other so I died. Spawned back naked in the hut & raced back to get all my gear back. My thrall was still fighting everything & doing fine, but as soon as I showed up I was swamped; at one point just before death I had 2 mammoths, 2 sabretooths, a wolf & a bear all attacking ME.
I had grabbed all my gear from first corpse before I died again, respawned & grabbed it again but died & then again. Finally decided to respawn at my main base, grabbed Cimmerian heavy armor & weapons & warped back… There were 3 death markers on the map, I found them ALL but each was my naked body with only a few items. I had grabbed the gear from each recent corpse before getting slaughtered… but most of it never showed up on the 3 recent corpses I harvested.
Thus I lost a set of Silent Legion armor ( I can remake) but also some rarer potions AND a legendary Axe of the Lion and a legendary sword (name eludes me) that had an amazingly useful 82 hit points after a weapon damage upgrade (10 more than an upgraded Telieth’s Sorrow).
I am NOT IMPRESSED that I cannot recover my hard-earned goods due to yet another seeming map/death glitch.


I think the death lag issue was when u die it kinda freezes instead of letting u pick ur respawn but as u said that worked properly that was fixed on the last hotfix I know from experience if u were over encumbered some times u have to loot ur body twice to get everything on u even if u chop ur body u have a chance to lose some items if ur over encumbered


Thanks for the suggestions, but this time I actually got the proper respawn selection choices every time so sounds like this issue is a different, random, even more frustrating event… LOL.
I was overencumbered when I grabbed all the gear (which made me too slow to flee before I could don armor & weapons) but never chopped up any corpses - died too soon.


Know ur pain there me an my wife both spec for max encumbrance so when ya die with 500% only to find u picked up half ur stuff it’s aggravating to say the least we built us a black ice house with a map room near the frost teample to farm star metal easier to avoid that area for sure


Isnt it a violation to be on a server and have the admin change settings at will Really need to know and if not why?


How can you not help me thier your servers?


Are you playing on a private server. If you are playing on official Gportal server there is no admin. If on private server it does belong to the renter how ever the rules shouldn’t be changed daily contact the admin.


Hey there,

Quick update: Our team is testing some fixes that could potentially improve performance on consoles based on the feedback we gathered from our community. We don’t have any estimated time yet for its release, but our plan is to release it as soon as it passes our QA tests.


Awesome news @Ignasis. Thanks for the update. Hopefully testing goes well and the performance issues that we’ve all been experiencing get fixed up. Have been waiting for an update on the performance situation before I started playing again.


Do you have team that tests on PS4? How do I get my name on the list? :wink:


Hey sestus got a question for ya was wondering how to go about asking it so here goes been playing on a server i believe is a rented server been haveing problems with a clan called [redacted guild] why would any1 want to be associated with that name is beyond me anyway got into it with i guess thier leader i accused him of being a hack cause game always kicks me when he gets on only time it does it anyway now server is down and has been down was wondering if you could check into it for me just wondering if my usumption was true and they were hacks sorry for the long text bro please let me know what you find out k its called Barbarian kingdom