Ps4 player transfer to new map?

Curious if we will be able to transfer our characters/gear over from the exiles map into the isle map? Kinda wishing we cant so all players are even on day 1, but if not I’m trying to see what all is transferable. Character, hot wheel, backpack?

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I haven’t heard anything definite. Pro,s and con,s not sure witch I want.

As of right now, I believe you start from scratch. But no real details have been confirmed.

What I would like to know is will console players have a chance at the pre-purchase Rhino mount DLC?

Hey there,

Inventory transfers will be possible once the Server Transfer feature is active. However, it is possible that this feature is not available at launch for Isle of Siptah.
Once we have a specific date for this feature, we will post an announcement explaining how it works, limitations and other important details.


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