PS4 Pork Patch Needed

Hello, since the big overhaul update isn’t coming soon, can you please patch the animal, thrall and horse pork damage multiplier glitch? It is completely ruining PvP content as some of us can’t pork from server reset to server reset. Thanks!

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My friend, this update, did not come on the date given by the developers, and they even gave lame excuses, in a footnote to try to shut our mouths, but their focus is no longer on the multiplatform, now it’s just the PC, and this Damn Island, they are not giving us due value as players of the game, and if they continue like this more and more players will leave the servers, we are tired of being treated like idiots, if they had actually sent the update to Sony, you don’t think that would they have already fixed something ??? we are made of suckers, it is time to show our value as a community, and as players, and this is also true for the XBOX gang. we will mobilize and show these bastards that we are not clowns. :triumph: :rage: :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :anger: :100: :anger:

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