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Hoping someone can help me, i ve search this question and found nothing. When the game launches on PS4 will it be possible to rent a private server?


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Yes. Playstation 4 players will have access to private server rentals.


Will they be available as soon as the game is available to download? Any idea on prices per slot?

Thanks Christa

ive got a random question, me and a friend of mine are getting conan exiles for the ps4 but is there any cheats or console commands?

What I wish to know, is will Nitrado be an option for PS4 Dedicated Servers?

We don’t have any specific information about server hosts or date of availability. Please keep an eye on announcements as we get closer to launch.

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My question is… are we only aloud to rent servers or is it like ark where we will need a second ps4? I want to host my own but the prices i keep hearing about are ridiculous.

I dont think you can use a seond ps4 as a server. GPortal at hosting the private rent servers. What i can see is that they will cost roughly £30 ($40) for 3 months. I think that is resonable.

Is there any hard evidence on this? Can a dev confirm?

Just look how much it costs for xbox. Or go to Gives you a rough idea. Ive emailed gportal and funcom asking the same questions and theyve always skirted around the question

Ahh gotcha thanks

Excuse me christa i see you closing a lot of threads like this but the thing is the issue inst fixed i looked at the specs to host a server from my pc and i could safely run a 35 slot server but there isnt the option to host from pc to console, why? When it would work the exact same as a G-portal server essentially also i cant even rent a server from G-portal because they have apparently sold out of servers which is stupid because half of the ps4 servers are password protected and official servers suck on all survival games such as Ark ps4. So here lies the big question here why cant we use Nitrado as a host for ps4 servers as they rent pc ones? that makes sense right? I mean I was going to drop a decent amount of money into this game to get a server which i always wanted on ark but Conans game mechanics where so much better i went to actually buy a server and cant SAD TIMES.

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