[PS4][PVE] 5x gathering server


I got tired of people changing the names of servers, messing with the settings, all that fun stuff. So I rented my own.

Server Name ⇨ Legion Server (Might rename in the future)

Platform ⇨ PS4

Server location ⇨ East Coast :flag_us:

Language ⇨ English

Community ⇨ Relaxed

Server restarts when needed, I usually do it when I am done playing for the night since I am the only one on at the moment, but I will do it regularly if/when we get more people

:diamonds: Clan Size ➙ 10
:diamonds: Purges ➙ :white_check_mark:
:diamonds: Food Spoil rate ➙ decreased
:diamonds: Drop Backpack on Death. ➙ :x:
:diamonds: Building decay. ➙ :x:
:diamonds: 5X Gather/3x Exp

The purge got turned on by request of the people in it.

Feel free to message me here or on PSN for my info. The username is the same on both.

Bump, server is still up and open

We got a few people in there, so its not barren. Come help me fill the world with stuff!

Server is still going strong and is getting more people, come be one of them. We even have a Discord channel now

Server is still going well, discord is up and running.

We’re still here. It seems a little slow at the moment, but I think everyone is waiting for the Khitan DLC (I know I am)

Come find my sealab! :stuck_out_tongue: you know you want to

Ill check out server this weekend. How long is it going to be up?

Since it only has one or two consistant players, its going down in about a week. Im sorry.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.