This server’s Admin team chose to restrict the Conan Royal Armor to Admins only as a part of their status. Though I do personally dislike this, I can respect it due to how helpful the Admin Team have been overall, providing aid even if they need to load the game up for 1 simple task. They also fund your first build.
I would like to point out admin abuse most definitely does not happen. The Admin Team strives to make the server open and welcoming, abuse would directly oppose their goals of having an active and thriving server.
I know many people who advise the Admin Team, and myself I have have given input. I have opposed Admin ideas in the past and have never been treated harshly for it. There are no “yes men” involved that I know of. Many are quite vocal if they dislike something and the Admin Team constantly look to find the best compromise and outcome to please as many people as possible.

Edit: The Admin Team, myself and some others have liked his post.

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It’s definitely a great server to join if you like over with a solar of pvp. Since I have been in the server (about 2 weeks now) there had been no sign of any admin abuse. They have constructed highways to help the clans out for traversing the map for resource farming which is great for those who love building. Whether you are a boss hunter, farmer, or builder, there is a clan for you and the admins will help you find one if you are in need.

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Clan Recruitment
We want you.
The U.F.R. Is looking to recruite.
We have many open roles to fill within our clan.PS_Messages_20190607_131311

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All the latest builds and player conveniences have been added to the post!, a re edit has been completed, with all new details and implemented ideas!

Please feel free to ask any questions here or on the console=]


Hi! My wife and I are interested in playing on your server. The settings look awesome and the server itself looks amazing!!! We play as a two person clan and love going out on adventures in the lands :smiley:.

hey there :), no worries! add me or one of my admins on PS4, we will get you in a chat, and started on your adventure !

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Note to the Admins:

Never have I ever, been apart of a server with such a active leadership team. You all have been supportive, funny, kind and you organize your roles as a leadership team and that stands out! Very nicely done!!

Words for my fellow neighbors on the server:

Hey all!! Looking forward to getting to know one another even better as we build, trade, laugh and carry on!

Words for the new comers!:

Hey peeps!! This server is hands down an absolute must. Here’s a couple big reasons… Pete has an English accent!!
Clean and maintained server
Land claim with mature talkative adults
Just… there’s too many. This server and it’s community are amazing and very stable. Join us in the New Rogue Oasis server and ask to be apart of Doom Patrol R* :slight_smile:


Hey all we are the sons of Crom and we want to recruit. Ideally we would be looking for someone from the Australian, New Zealand or Pacific islands regions as that suits our time zones. But its not critical. The server its self is one that once you get on there you wont leave

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As a new addition the server has now got a Discord channel!


A new change in our server! Sugardome and Myself are now 50/50 master Administators of the Rogue Oasis, we both run the oasis now :), He will have the same authorities as myself, even to the point of being able to restart the server if needed.

A partnership that i hope the Oasis will benefit from.

And it means while I am absent their is still a main authority present in the event of issues.

This server is AWESOME!!! I highly recommend it! The map system really makes it nice and clean. Everyone is SUPER friendly. Admins are always willing to help. It’s a laid back place to have fun. It’s really fun. Join us! :slight_smile:

Thank you:)
Means alot my dude

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Due to my own lack of time at the moment, i haven’t been able to work on our individual clans recruitment poster! rest assured each clan that asked me to do so will soon have their own post with pictures and details of their clan:).

With new content soon to come, i hope to see Many new people joining in with everyone in the server!!

With new attractions being built even now, and a perfectly active team of admins keeping things going, The oasis remains strong :slight_smile:

Roll in new players! 2 weeks away from the holidays, how many people will join us in that time, and how many more durin the 6 weeks of vacation x) !!

Hopefully I can contribute to the benefit of everyone. This is definitely a large roll even at 50% lol

Hey guys, interested in joining if allowed psn is simit2k30, UK resident if that ok primarily enjoy gathering, exploring, building an climbing the highest peaks to put a chair down an brew a cup of tea, never tried to pvp but i’ll probably be bad an die from laughter most times

I’m happy to have you my dude. A fellow brit ehh :slight_smile: we are in limited numbers in the oasis. Will be a nice addition some0ne running the same time zone as me.

If you havent been already I will add you on ps and get you started.

Apologies for any delay. Had a meeting just after lunch have only just got home :slight_smile:

No problem at all, take your time im just soaking in the update in solo :slight_smile: these stack sizes are lovely and thank you for the reply

Hello, looking for a new, fun and active server.
PSN is Virusoflife22
I love doing a bit of everything. 1v1 duels and doing boss runs are my favorite.