[PS4, PvE, Offline] Still no Purge? Any Ideas?



I still didn’t had not a single Purge during my Singleplayer/Offline Game. No matter what Settings I try, the Purge Meter fills, but nothing happens, even if I wait some Hours.

Does anyone here have an Idea, or a working Configuration for me? Or is there a way to manually start the Purge? I’d really like to see that Feature.

Thanks in advance!

Where is your base set up if i may ask?

I tried several Points, in the Starting Region, at the Eastern Coast, Jungle, Desert in the Middle of the Map.

Well I have been hearing some people saying that if the purge doesnt have a clear path to your base then it wont start for some reason.

Hmm OK, but my Desert Base was completely accessible from all Sides.

what purge level is your settings at? as I also think there is a way you can admin start the purge.

I’ve set the Purge Level to different Difficulties, and unfortunately I can’t find an Option to start the Purge via Admin Menu.

I am trying to look on the forms as I think there was a post about how to start it purge via other means somewhere.

in the admin menu (the ~ key) type “StartPlayerPurge”
No spaces and caps matter.

I also would like to know what settings folks are using to get automatic purges working. Manually forcing them from the admin is the only way I’ve managed to get one. Ad it’s always spiders. :disappointed_relieved:

Just had a Look, there’s no Option in my Admin Menu on PS4 to start the Purge manually.

On PC you hit the tilde key to open a command line, then type out the command. I’ve no idea how consoles work. Sorry.

This is so frustrating :confused:

Is there generally a Chance to get a Dev Response in this Forum?

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