PS4-PvE Server (Knights of Something) Seeking More Players


Game mode: Online - PS4 - PvE
Region: US
Private Server - Knights of Something

Hello fellow Exiles,

Our server is looking to add more players to our ranks. Server was reset about a month ago now, but there is still plenty of room to build. We are hoping to keep most build areas clan-centric so we don’t end up with a lot of clutter.

We will have player created content, such as dungeons, mazes, and scavenger hunts, as well as occasional gladiator style pvp combat in arenas. And anything else our players imagine and suggest. Prior to the reset, we had two player created dungeons (the Silkwood Temple, and a maze) as well as two arenas/coliseums.

We are a friendly group that uses the PSN party chat to joke around and help each other out – while you don’t need to be in party chat all the time, we expect everyone to pop in every now and then to say hello from time to time.

If you are new to the game, or just looking for a new server with friendly, helpful people and where the admins are active and willing to address player issues, give us a try! Shoot me (Aknunsus) a PSN message, or here in the forum. Response times are generally within 24 hours.

Basic rules are as follows:

  • Don’t build in areas that obstruct access to areas of significant interest and ingress/egress to areas of the map;
  • Don’t build in areas that will prohibit large resource deposits or world bosses from spawning;
  • If another player’s chest, crafting station or other container is open, DO NOT take anything from it without asking first;
  • During a pvp event, any unsanctioned pvp activity could result in banishment.


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US and EU players welcome.


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We still have room for more exiles to join us in our friendly, relaxed environment.


We’re still open for business. Send me a PSN message if you are interested in joining.


Updated the initial message. We still have room for new/returning players, or anyone who is just looking for a server change.


We will have some progression boosts this weekend. 4-5x gathering rates, with slightly reduced craft times, and 2-3x gathering/crafting/combat xp. It would be a good time to jump in!


We’re keeping the progression boosts activated through the end of next weekend. It’s still a great time to join the server and get up to speed.


Recruitment bump for the weekend – Progression boosts active through Sunday night.