PS4 PvE server looking for more dedicated players


Server is still looking good. We have continued to get some good folks in here. As the server admin, Namfoogle, has indicated we’ve got a few people over server cap, but haven’t had everyone on all at once – and 2-3 appear to have gone inactive. There is a crew of about 6-7 people active in the evening hours (US time zones). And, There is a crew of about 7-8 people (I believe situated in the UK) mostly active during the morning and daytime hours when looking at US time zones (EST/CST/MST/PST).

It would be great to get a few more players active in the evening hours for US time zones – roughly 8pm-3am EST (5pm-12am PST).


Hey bro I wanna start playing every night after work about 6pm est. I added you on psn my name is kidpiff207 would love to join the server


Hey are you still looking for people for your server.


Sorry for the late reply, if you are still looking for a server shoot Namfoogle and me a message on psn. Our psn ids are same as here.


We still have room for a few more ACTIVE players who are willing and able to jump into voice chat via PSN. If you are interested, please shoot Namfoogle and me (Aknunsus) a message via PSN. Server admins are more active in the evening hours (US Timezones), which is when we will best be able to set up and coordinate events. We do have a fair amount of UK players active mid-day.


We’ve started doing events on our server :slight_smile: We created what we call the Silkwood Temple, a pagoda maze-like structure populated with nasty bad guys, traps, sweet treasure, and rare thralls as the ultimate loot. While the intention is level 60ish, we can populate it with lower level enemy npcs but with reduced loot :wink: This will mainly be a weekend event, and perhaps one to two evenings during the week.

Soon we will also be doing limited gladiatorial PvP – But we are still a PvE server. And, we’ll get scavenger hunts up and running soon.

We still have some room in the server, so join us if you are looking for a friendly, fairly casual, and social group to enjoy CE with. Be sure to PSN message Namfoogle AND Aknunsus to get you started.

Purges do work, but are still rather buggy. We are looking forward to some fixes in the 500 bug update for PS4.


As an update, the scavenger hunt is up and running.

We still have some room in the server, so join us if you are looking for a friendly, fairly casual, and social group to enjoy CE with. Be sure to PSN message Namfoogle AND Aknunsus to get you started.


Our server still has room for some active and friendly players. PSN message Aknunsus to see if you’ll be a good fit and we can get you started.

Activities are going well – the scavenger hunt continues, and the treasures of our Silkwood Temple await – I will also be creating an obstacle course within the next week or so.


Psn.Lanrete 247 Active gamer.Team player…


I sent you a psn message.


We have room for a few more active players. Technically we are at capacity, but due to different schedules we’ve never had a full 20 online at once. We have 21 active players (some are new, most have been around for a month or more now), 9 inactives (taking Conan breaks). Events continue to coalesce, and with the PS4 parity patch and pet update coming soon our server will just get better :slight_smile:

If you are interested in enjoying the Exiled Lands with a friendly group of people at a casual pace, shoot me a PSN message (Aknunsus).

Evening players are more likely to hit our admin created events as the admins play mostly evenings, US timezones, and on weekend days (depending on RL circumstances).



Im interested in joining. Wolfe336.


Let me know the server info I definitely check it out, I can play like 2 or 3 days out the weeks since I work long hour during my work week.


Figured I’d give this a bump for the weekend. Shoot me a PSN message (Aknunsus) for better response time, but I’ll be checking in here occasionally.

Player activity has slowed a bit, but we expect it to pick back up after the parity patch and pet/dungeon/religion update. Join up now, stake your land claim, and join a clan :wink: CE is always more fun with others around.



Still looking for some more regular players to populate our server in the evenings (US timezones). Just brought several new people, but still plenty of room to grow.

Tired of griefing? Tired of spammed foundations? Worried about toxic players? Looking for a server where the admins are active and willing to address player concerns? Hit endgame and wondering what to do?

Join our server to escape the woes of official servers, poorly maintained and unfairly administered private servers! Join us in player developed group content, and add your voice and suggestions for new activites.


your server sounds like the right place for me! psn Tacos_r_gangsta. I sent messages to both aknunsus and namfoogle. hope to hear from you guys soon :slight_smile:


Figured I’d give this a bump for the weekend. As an FYI, we are currently planning a fresh start for the server in about three to four weeks. The plan is for it to coincide with the Pet/Jhebal Sag/Dungeon Update, which we guesstimate will land in early to mid-September. Although the fresh start will likely be initiated in that time-frame even if the Pet/etc Update has not yet landed.

In the interim, we have greatly increased the experience, gathering, and crafting rates for new players to quickly level up, experiment with builds, and take a look at some of the endgame content (it can be tweaked further if needed).

This is a great time to join our, so as to meet and get to know the current players, establish clans and reserve areas for the Fresh Start. There will also be a significant amount of fun in the week leading up to the Fresh Start as Explosive Jars and Trebuchet ammunition will be dispersed like candy.

We also still have a scavenger hunt up and running, the Silkwood Temple, an Aquilonian Coliseum and the Stilted Arena for gladiator combat (PvP) and other events (PvE), as well as a maze that will be finished up later this evening.

TL:DR – if you’re new to the game, or looking for a new PvE server (with occasional PvP events), now is a great time to join us, as great things are brewing. Send Aknunsus a PSN message to get started.


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