[PS4] PVP New 10x Server


UrWhat’s Up I’m posting to invite gamers to Our Unofficial PVP Chill 10x server should you see fit. Bring Your Clan or Just you.
Server Name: The District
There are 3 admin
My PSN: Aboriginal_Moor
Clan size is 10
You keep your loot when you die
There are also timed raid hours (as we work and are understanding to other ppl)
Crafting speeds are up
There are welcome centers, raid bases and as the sever grows events will be held such as fights and things.
Role play is a bit 50/50 there are bars and brothels and welcome centers.

Check it out over the weekend.

Quick bump

Alphas welcome your favorite build spots may still be available get it while you can. A big clan has joined ready for war every clan on the server is

Hey man would love to join, my psn is ginguss