[PS4] [PVP] [Player Buildings Protected] Louisiana Boscoyos



My wife and I have had a server for a while now and are looking to recruit some people. It’s currently set up for people like us, who can’t be on all the time, have jobs, kids, etc so we don’t want our painstakingly built buildings (however crappy they are lol) to be destroyed overnight but still allow for PVP across the world. In other words, you can be attacked on sight or dueled or have skirmishes but you dont have to worry about your bases. We have slight boosts enabled as well since our online time is limited.

We’d like to build a massive arena once the Anquillian (sp?) DLC comes out to host tournaments and events for prizes and stuff. Maybe once we have a solid community and, if there is consensus, we could look into weekend base raids and stuff, but we’d want to have a consensus for sure.

We’re just a couple of laid back cajuns looking to enjoy the game with a bit more risk than PVE pretty much. If that sounds good to you, feel free to join us and add me to your friends list. PSN = ZageKila

Thanks and hope to see you!


I am certainly interested, psn NationAFK. What are the stats on the server?


Off the top of my head, they’re something like:

harvest 3.0
exp 2.0
thrall .5 (which is 2ce as fast as normal)
durability 1.5
player health 1.5
resource respawn 3.0
clan size 4 or 5.




ya’ll come hang out with some crazy cajuns :stuck_out_tongue:


How long do you plan on having the server open?


As long as there are people actively playing it! :slight_smile:


Hey there.

I have had some issues trying to load into your server but managed to get in last night and once last week but then my net went down briefly.

I do like the server so far. Was wondering if Purges are on though as I do like them but think they are off for this server. I hope to play more once I have time.

Nearly made my own and its still an option for the future depending on how your server goes for me and one other I’m in at the moment. I am not always able to load into your serer unfortunately. I think its a game issue or maybe because I’m in Australia, land of crappy net.


It’s an east coast server and we have a few regulars that haven’t reported any issues. I did a fresh reboot of the server tho so let’s see if that will help.