PS4 PvP Server Setting Preferences

I’ve recently opened up a private server to the public. My initial idea was to tailor the server to people who play on their own or in a small group, people who wanted to avoid large alpha clans. So i set the max clan size to 2.

After 1 week of the server being up i have a few players but i feel the need to draw more people in for the server to come alive.

My question is do you think there is a market for a max clan size of 2 server on PS4? Or should i increase this to say 4/5?

Are any of the other server settings off putting? I have:

  • 1.5x harvest

  • 3x XP

  • thrall conversion 25% quicker

  • all players deal 20% more damage

  • usual evening / weekend raid times

Please, i would just like a little bit of guidance so i can make the server as appealing as possible whilst still holding on to the basic concept.

In case anyone was wondering the server is called SoloExiled

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