(PS4) Quiet friendly PvE

I play on a couple of private servers, but recently rented a small server so I could play with a younger family member in a more controlled environment. It seems a shame to waste the extra spots, so I’m willing to invite a few more people if anyone is interested.

Not a lot of rules, but keep in mind it’s designed for playing with a kid so no ■■■ stuff, although swearing is fine (we swear lots… it’s my job as the aunt to promote the bad language and video games). No griefing, no blocking things on purpose, no name calling, no racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. remarks… just good, clean butchery and domination.

I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you also want a quiet place to build and adventure with the occasional other person and some salty language, message me on PSN for the server name and password. My PSN ID is Avanthalas.

Wow, the word for what I was trying to say we didn’t do was censored… it’s what two consenting adults do that tends to result in tiny people (also sometimes a synonym for gender). We don’t object to that in general, just not on the server with the kids, heh.