Ps4 recruiting experienced players for server 3221


Recruiting for my clan Hybor Consortium on server official 3221

Friendly members and helpful members welcome :slight_smile:

3 members including me all of which very experience

The clan needs expanding to fill the remaining 7 or more slots

Why join us? I always try and be friendly as possible which I mostly encounter very arrogant clan leaders on this game as I’ve spoke and ended a fair few lol, I offer advice when you need it and help when you need it

We’ve started a fresh but in 2 day have acquired more then enough so your not started as fresh as you would.

I know it’s horrible grinding to level 60 but I honestly have got there in 2 day spending 6 hours a day I’m level 58 in 12 hours with you know I’m Conan hours is weak haha

We have no alliances as of yet still to be made but we do have a raid target so if you join you’ll be joining us.

Hopefully you’ll be joining us on this adventure if your looking for a new home

Issues: Americans sorry about this guys but if you can raid and it isn’t to out of the way then feel free as EU times are very strange for you haha so I’m sorry

Message me on here with your PSN’s nice one

maybe mi clan are interesting in join to your clan but my clan are from spain i dont know if can be a problem my psn name is antorcha_04

forgget that we gonna join whit los pensionistas in 3221 server