[PS4 RP/PVP Server] Legends of The Exiled

This land was once the societal pinnacle of an ancient race known as the Giant-Kings. We did not speak their language, but that did not stop them - they harnessed the power of pure arcane energy and infused it into bracelets, which allowed us to communicate with each other. They took in our kind as refuges and gave us the lush northlands to cultivate and grow in, yet war broke out between our two species. In this war, nobody knew who launched the first attack… only that it ended with the destruction of an entire civilization. Before the final blow was struck, the Warmaker warped the magic in the communication bracelets and formed a magical barrier around their lands. This barrier would strike a fatal blow to those trying to pass through it with the slave bracelet on - a final gift from the Giant-Kings before their society was decimated by the perpetual sandstorm. Since then, these lands became a prison - the wretched exiles of the surrounding countries sent their prisoners and undesirables to these lands. The Exiled Lands saw the destruction of the Giant-Kings - to die on the cross made of the sins of many sinners, another chance at life has been given–
How do you choose to spend your new life?
Heroes are made, however legends are born…

In these lands, one must fight for life before it is taken from them. A history of many have come and claimed the very regions of the lands we walk upon. Heroes have fallen in the act of war, lovers have said their last goodbye’s, families have been made and destroyed in the flames of war.

Do you have what it takes to become a legend in this land, or will you become another corpse to fertilize the lands of the exiled?

Write a path that only a LEGEND could follow.

Become one of the Legends of the Exiled…

Join the community of Legends of the Exiled,
We are a Playstation 4 Conan Exile RP Server.
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This server is absolutely awesome. We hope to see many, many new faces here. :slight_smile:

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Hey. Um well I play on this server and um. Yeah. I like the RP I guess lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool people, good RP and amazing admins. We’d love to have you join us, so check it out :slight_smile:

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We are still looking for more legends to join the server!