PS4 - RPvP - Axsonia

The lands of Axsonia have been inhabited by a great group of RPers and Non-RPers since launch. We are almost always at 30+ people and it is being hosted on a 50 person server. (We have plans to expand it more if needed). Axsonia has a discord server that promotes RP (If that’s your thing) or just helping out in chat and shooting the breeze.

We believe that there exists all levels of RP, from the people who just love the type of community that comes from RP servers to the full on RPers that live and breathe the very life into their characters. We support each other and we’re stronger for supporting multiple RP types.

We are a raid time enforced PvP server that allows the flexibility to have great PvP skirmishes all the way up to full on wars. You won’t find people randomly KoSing others just to be jerks.

Axsonia also has at least 3 entire player built towns currently in the process of being made along with the normal smattering of clans around the landscape. It’s a great time to come in and make some friends, kill some enemies and have a blast doing it.

In your PS4 browser just filter for Axsonia. See you in game!

Bumpin my server! Made a tavern here! Real chill and nice place!

Great community in-game as well as in discord. No one clan is overpowering or vastly superior than another and there is a lot of room for bases all around the map!

I forgot to mention that we’re currently underway with the idea of a communal town/city in the desert where each clan or solo player is able to contribute by building whatever structure pleases them. In the end, this will be a fantastic place to RP and just be with others!

Sounds great. I just dont wanna start drom zero again

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I understand. If, in the future, you ever want to start fresh again, check us out!

Thanks Apreciate it

Just posting this here for anyone who reads this and is interested…server no longer exists when searching for it on PS4