PS4 Server 3024 Full of glitches

I am on server 3024 on Ps4 and after the last patch that was done on July 4th and playing version 1.16 a lot of things are messed up and or glitched on this server. Thralls are glitched, Equipment is missing, My attribute for health regeneration is not working at all. My friends are also having issues with their equipment and building pieces missing and thralls missing. I have an YogArchpriest that is glitched and fell through my bridge and now is floating in the water and no way to retrieve this thrall that took me 5 days and 30+ hours to get. The thrall will not respawn in the area I grabbed it from until someone fixes this within the server and hopefully replaces my Yog ArchPriest. Also I can not loot the bodies of the AI’s I kill nor can 2 other people I play on the same server with.

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