PS4 Server #3053 PvE Conflict Constantly Down

still happening now… please sort this.

Hello we need Help Funcom where are you updates for Server Security? We wait and wait, ithink we see In news Funcom get hacked by UDSSR


are we still waiting? will it ever work? @Mayra @Hugo

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, there’s nothing new to announce regarding this matter. Our team is still working on it and performing tests along with G-Portal.

Apologies for the long wait.

Then freezen the servers

Hello Push

When when when fix???!!!

I think we change this game the Support says only sorry for this and over 3 weeks later, we sorry for this. I hate my life i will die. Shame of you

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We’re still working closely with G-Portal, and the test results were positive and promising. Now we’re waiting for them to implement the new feature into all the servers. However, they have informed us that will take yet more time to get everything up and running.

We apologize for the wait.

Wait this excuse sound’s familiar, I’m sure I have heard similar to this before, and that was before Christmas

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@Mayra Decay timers need to be taken off. Its ridiculous this has not already been done.

Some of us can only play on the weekends and you currently have a 1 week timer. That means if I cant get in the server 1 of the 2 days im screwed. So many long time players have stopped playing because of this.

Im starting to think this is a cruel joke to just clean the servers. Wiping the servers without officially doing it.

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I tried logging on unsuccessfully earlier today (around 18:00 hrs) … infinite loading screen again.

When I have been able to log on (haphazard at best) I have noticed some big bases have disappeared (by large clans too)

I can think of at least 3 large bases that have gone… (seems like people have either just given up or just not been able to get on in time)

Hi Crompox if you can’t log befor 16:00 don’t even try as after 16:00 you cant log in its going on, on few servers from new year if you’r already log in youll be ok but you can’t log in after 16:00, and to other players THIS IS IMPORTANT when you log out on servers where you have infinitive login screen dont leave anything on your body as youll die and lose all the stuff you had on you so when loging off put your stuff in box-s or youll lose all hope it help someone, so servers will be ok to log in from server restart in 6:00 to 16:00 after that imposible hope they fix it.


Thanks for the tip, while I have read the times people have listed, I didn’t realise it was quite as specific as that, thanks.

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Stupid question… Does FC own or have some type of alliance with GPortal that they cant move server hosts?

If this was a legit business GPortal would of been fired long time ago. Financially unless servers are free this makes absolutely no sense to keep doing business with them with connection issues this long.

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Urgh, I tried to log in just now at 14:45 hrs GMT, and again the infinite loading screen.

This is getting beyond a joke now guys, do you actually WANT people to play?

I think it’s time to put some pressure on Gportal because whatever they are doing, it’s not working.

Hello Funcom 2 Months and nothing has been done

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It’s been going on almost a year with server 3052, so if you want a land mark lol


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